Welcome to AZ Medical Weight Control!

Welcome to AZ Medical Weight Control!

Allow us to congratulate you on your interest in taking the first important step in finding the thinner you within and becoming a healthier more energetic person in the process.

At AZ Medical Weight Control we offer the tools and guidance you need to achieve your weight loss goals, with an inviting atmosphere, friendly staff and a program that is guaranteed to help you lose weight. AZ Medical Weight Control is physician guided and our weight loss program is designed to give you the tools and support that you need along with healthy guidelines on nutrition, behavior and exercise. Our doctor and staff carefully monitor your status and are here to help you lose weight every step of the way. This is your chance to take charge of your weight and your life!

Lose a little; gain a lot in your appearance, energy and health! Did you know that losing as little as 5% of your body weight, which, for many people, amounts to just 10-20 pounds of weight loss, will make a big difference not just in how you look and feel about yourself, but in your health? Remember: There are 3500 Calories in 1 pound of FAT! Women who are slightly overweight tend to drop one dress size for every ten pounds of weight loss. Men will usually drop one inch from their waists for every 10 pounds of weight loss. Men and women alike improve their heart health risk factors by even small amounts of weight loss.

We understand the need for consistent care and each patient is treated like family. We focus on helping you to Set Yourself Free of unwanted fat, inches and weight! Why wait to become healthier and happier? AZ Medical Weight Control looks forward to helping you SET YOURSELF FREE today!