Myoden Spray

Myoden is a Sublingual Spray (Equal to 1 cc of a Lipo Den injection)

Boosts metabolism and increases cellular energy. Myoden is comprised of Adenosine which is a naturally occurring substance in the body that increases energy and has a positive effect on weight loss, stamina and overall mood. Excellent for chronic fatigue, thyroid function, slow metabolism and weight plateau. Myoden is excellent to boost the immune system and has been published to help with autoimmune disorders, memory loss, stress, herpes viruses, muscle and joint pain and chronic fatigue. The New England Journal of Medicine reports that ATPase levels are 22% lower in overweight subjects. Supplementing with Adenosine Monophosphate (the main ingredient in Myoden) could increase the calories burned and increase energy and metabolic function thus helping in weight loss.

**PAIR Myoden and Lipo BC for Maximum Effects! – The 2 supplements are an excellent way to increase the weight loss while keeping you very energized.