Happy Healthy Mind – Trust the Process

Happy Healthy Mind – Trust the Process

Trust the process…

I read this the other day as I was researching lots of articles and videos on effective ways to workout and still lose weight. And it really struck a cord with me. In fact, I have been repeating it to myself ever since. It made me relax, step back and take a deep breath. I thought to myself, you already know what to do. Girl, you got this! Let me back up to explain why I was researching effective ways to workout and lose weight.

First, I would like to give you a little back story. I have released almost 190 lbs from my highest weight, however I would like to lose 45 to 50 more pounds to reach my goal. Even though I feel amazing, I want to go all the way. I feel like I have made it all the way to the last camp, but I want get to the summit on top of Mount Everest. I love the analogy of comparing reaching our goal to climbing Mount Everest. My favorite quote is, “it is not the mountain we conquer but ourselves”, by Edmund Hillary the first man to climb Everest. It has been so very true along my beautiful journey. I have not only gone thru a physical metamorphosis, but more importantly, an emotional and mental one. I am literally not the same person anymore.

So back to the other day… About four weeks ago, I excitedly joined a gym with a good friend. She is a dedicated health enthusiast and has been working out for decades. Other than a couple of personal trainers, I have never had a workout buddy before. And I really liked it, not to mention, I love lifting weights and had missed it. For various reasons, I felt like it was important to add strength training to my cardio routine. I knew my body intuitively needed it. Plus, I am a kick it up a notch kind of girl. So after going hard at the gym after three and a half weeks and eating healthy, I stepped on the scale… Big mistake. Why? Because it hadn’t budged. Not. one, tiny, ounce!

Boy, did this send me into an emotional tailspin. It brought back all the times I would eat according to plan, and work out all week, but be utterly devastated for my weekly weigh in. I walked in to the weight loss clinic feeling incredible and confident until that one moment when it all came crashing down. I gave my power to the number on the scale. Momentarily the exact same thing happened. After having a pity party for a few hours and honoring my emotions, I was still able to keep my clean eating plan in place. But I knew I needed to get my head back in the game. I had to reanalyze my why… Why am I doing this? It is not just about the number on the scale.

I immediately thought of my long list of personal non scale victories. My energy was thru the roof. I was happier and excited in my day to day life. I was taking better care of myself which made me a better wife and mom. I was sleeping better. I felt stronger and more loving of my body. My posture improved as I stood tall and walked with confidence feeling my muscles engaged. My recovery time was faster due to my healthy, non inflammatory eating plan. I felt better than I had 12 years ago when I worked out in a gym in Colorado with my personal trainer three times a week. I was quickly improving and enjoying my fitness classes more. I was able to increase the weight on the machines. I was literally thriving!

So, as with everything else in life, that morning I began devouring lots of articles and videos to motivate me to keep going. I must add that over the years I have read tons of books on the subject of weight loss, nutrition and fitness. I have acquired an abundance of knowledge and personal experience on the subject. And that’s when it hit me… Trust the process. I already have the knowledge of what to do. I have already lost 190 pounds. (and gained and re-lost the same hundreds of pounds) To be successful with anything in life, it takes consistency and persistence. I will get there if I stay the course. If, I keep my head in the game. I know what to do. My body knows what to do. It wants to be a healthy weight. And that was when I began to trust myself. Relax and enjoy my beautiful journey. I will get there. I have the emotional and mental strength to accomplish anything. I am powerful. I can see myself reaching my goal. I believe in myself. I got this.

I hope all of you believe in your personal strength and the power you have. Trust yourself. You got this. And remember to TRUST THE PROCESS. 

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