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Happy Healthy Mind – Self Nurturing Behavior

Happy Healthy Mind – Self Nurturing Behavior

For the last two years I have been making a conscious decision to switch my focus to one of self love where I lovingly care for my mind, health and body. My self care is now a top priority to me everyday. I pause and really try to tune in to my needs, which wasn’t easy to do at first, after years of neglect. I try to listen to my intuition and my voice inside. In the beginning, I really had to listen because it was at times a quiet whisper. Now I honor my voice and give my mind and body what it needs to be happy, calm, healthy and full of energy. This new level of loving, self care is now a part of me and my everyday routine. It has literally been life changing for me because for decades I put my love, attention and focus into my relationships. I was focusing on everyone’s else’s needs first, my husband, children, family, and friends.

Additionally, I was practicing self destructive behaviors such as binging on unhealthy food and sugar, stuffing my feelings down with food and not setting healthy boundaries. I would say yes to everyone’s requests instead of honoring my mind and body when I really wanted to say no. This only ended up making me angry and irritable as I did what I didn’t have the time or heart to do as I had nothing left to give.

I feel a lot of us women can easily fall into the routine of neglecting ourselves. We are loving caretakers and nurturing by nature. I realized I was nurturing everyone else but me. I now practice a variety of things that are self nurturing to my soul, big or small, such as: take the time to make healthy nourishing meals for myself and family; when I am struggling emotionally, I pour my feelings out on paper or to a trusted friend to gain clarity and emotional support;  I move my body everyday in a way I love like dancing, rebounding or nature and beach walks;  I get enough sleep each night;  I set healthy boundaries with my time and am ok with saying no;  I have date nights with my husband or girls nights out so I can reconnect; I cherish my alone time to reflect in the quiet mornings. These are a few of the major life alternating changes I have made. Honestly, it has made me a much better and happier wife, mother and friend. 

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