Happy, Healthy You – Pause and Reset

Happy, Healthy You – Pause and Reset

Pause and Reset

My husband and I both absolutely love to get away from the everyday rat race (and sometimes crowds) whenever we can. We love to go and explore in nature which always seems to captivate and calm us at the same time. The peaceful drive and/or time in nature, even if its for just an hour, will instantly clear our heads of all the clutter. It feels like we are literally able to pause and reset, which can attribute to a healthier mind, body and soul.

My husband told me about a time when he used to live in Colorado and take a 1,000 mile trip in his car to Southern California to visit his folks. The speed limit on the Interstate was 55 miles per hour at that time, so it wasn’t unusual to take the better part of 24 hours (including rest stops and gas stations) to get to his destination. Most of the scenery was beautiful, and as he watched the miles go by, he could clear his mind and thoughts of the daily cares and problems of his life.

It is ironic because I have done the exact same thing, when I had driven the same route to visit my family in California. I remember it was during a time when my first marriage was in a really bad place after years of unhappiness and neglect. The drive round trip gave me the time and clarity I desperately needed, to figure out what was my next step for the benefit of myself and my two children.

During another chapter in my life, I would do something similar to regularly escape the chaos and clear my head. At the time, I was a stressed out single mom with two teenagers and felt extreme pressure from my Vice President position in the corporate sector. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders. There were vast areas of undeveloped land near where I lived in Colorado, so I would crank up the stereo, open my sunroof, and just drive. I would drive so far it felt like I was in the middle of Nowhere USA, with not a soul around. It was on these drives that I would regroup, clear my mind, reflect and come up with an effective game plan for my life. I would take a moment to just breathe!

Life can get so hectic for all us that it can do wonders to pause and reset. Try to make time, to buy out the time, for yourself. Think of doing it for your mental health and sanity, in this insane world. Scout out little pieces of nature wherever you live and spend some quiet, reflective time enjoying them. Whether its going to the mountains, hiking through the desert, or walking in a beautiful park; or maybe taking a brief moment to watch the butterflies or listen to the birds happily chirp.

For me personally, I love to go anywhere I can find a body of water. It doesn’t matter whether its a lazy creek, flowing river or tranquil lake. I love water! Just the look and sound of it does something to my soul. My husband and I were recently able to visit one of our favorite beaches. I couldn’t wait to put my feet in the surf and watch the children splash around. We were only there for a couple hours, but I walked away feeling like I had visited an expensive day spa to be pampered.

I also remember how often I used to take my children camping. I couldn’t wait to steal some alone time to sit in my camp chair near the river with a cup of coffee. It gave me time for me, to reflect and sort thru my thoughts. I know these peaceful moments enabled me to be an even better mom, wife and friend.

I truly believe it is in these precious moments in nature that we reconnect with our soul, reestablishing harmony to our existence. Just getting away and getting a chance to breathe and relax, without anything in the way, or in front of you, is priceless. You can’t buy or find that kind of therapy in any office. Just remember to pause and reset.

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