Happy, Healthy Mind – No Excuses

Happy, Healthy Mind – No Excuses

Excuses. We all use them. Excuses why we haven’t reached our goal weight, why we don’t stick to our workout routine, why we don’t meal prep and eat healthier food, why we aren’t in our dream job, why we haven’t gotten out of debt, why we aren’t happy in our relationships, and so on. Trust me, I have used many excuses in my life. My excuses let me off the hook from reaching my goals and being happy, so I didn’t have to hold myself accountable. And sadly I’ve realized, my excuses also allowed me to not fully succeed in certain areas either. Thankfully, I found some great guidance and helpful tools that are too good not to share with all of you.

I’ve quoted my absolute favorite life coach, Rhonda Britten, before. Her phenomenal book Fearless Living says this, “Excuses excuse you from fulfilling your potential. Excuses also give you permission to ignore your own values, beliefs, commitments, thereby setting aside any sense of personal integrity.” I want to add that I feel excuses can allow you to give up on your dreams, goals, visions, desires and passions. You can literally come up with any excuse why your living the life you are now. It’s all in the story you tell yourself. When I was coaching clients, one of my favorite thing to tell them was, change your thoughts and you can change your life. It seemed to be true in whatever challenging area they needed help in. For me personally, excuses were the thoughts I told myself that I believed to be true.

Rhonda explains in her book that once you are ready to let go of your excuses, you are ready to take responsibility for your own life. She devised a powerful tool called the Life Log, where you keep a very detailed log of how you spend your time everyday in thirty minute increments. It gives you very clear picture of how you are really spending your time and holds you accountable. She says, “the way you spend your time defines your life.” I can’t agree more. This was a very powerful and eye opening exercise for me personally. Mainly because all my excuses for why I hadn’t reached different goals or dreams had to do with not having enough time to do them! Boy, was I misleading myself! I added up my time for just one week and found over two and half hours I had wasted. Right there in black and white. That was a lot of time for me to have the choice to do other things that were more of a priority to me. And that felt empowering and was a true game changer for me.

I sincerely wish for you to feel your personal power by taking charge of your life with no more excuses! 

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