Happy, Healthy Body – Juice Fasting

Happy, Healthy Body – Juice Fasting

I don’t know about you, but there have been times in my life where I can look back and think about a certain path I took to care for my own health and wellness. These times, or fork in the road, are ones that have had some of the biggest impacts, not only on my health, but my life as well. It has only been in the last few years, that I even changed my mentality to take control of my own wellness. I used to be a person that trusted every health decision my family doctor made for me. It wasn’t until a health emergency, due to my OB/GYN’s recommendations, that I even felt like I had to get into the drivers seat.

After a few years of intense self education and hard work, I was able to heal myself with many different herbal cleanses and detoxes. Eventually, I also learned the power of healing my body with healthy plant based foods. Due to all the detoxes I chose to do over the years, I had always fasted to achieve the best cleansing results possible. I didn’t realize going into my extended juice fast, that the longer duration would be more intense and yield much bigger results. Up until that point my longest fast was 23 days or so, when I did a successful colon cleanse with fresh juiced organic apples as my only source of liquid nourishment.

My intention, going into my 65 day juice fast, started out as a way to improve my digestion, elimination, and also to help my liver and pancreas; and it definitely did. I really wanted to give my body a serious break from digestion.  I had learned that our bodies expend approximately 60-70 percent of our daily energy digesting our meals. If you take away the element of digestion thru fasting, you give your body the chance to heal at a much deeper level. Our bodies will start to address the important issues needing to be corrected and rejuvenated. I strongly desired to try to undo a lot of the damage I did to myself thru self destructive food behaviors. During my fast, I fed my body 3 to 4 quarts of fresh pressed juices and plenty of water everyday. It was amazing that I did not feel any physical hunger for the simple reason that my body was being very well nourished.

What I wasn’t counting on was the intense emotional hunger I would experience. It felt at times like I was literally going thru drug rehab, because my desire for food was so incredibly strong. My mind had to be like steel, as my whole being yearned for food on a deeply emotional level. I didn’t even realize how powerful my food addiction was, as I had struggled in bondage for decades.

It took a lot of willpower, journaling my struggles and intense feelings, for me to get through it. But once I got past day 32, it was like being released from prison and my personal demons. It was smooth sailing from that day on. I had a huge abundance of energy and vitality. I remember feeling like I was high on my juice, and found myself holding back my passion and enthusiasm for life around others. I was literally bouncing off the walls with energy.

I started de-cluttering and cleaning out my home surroundings with a vengeance. The cleaning out of junk was not only on the inside, but the outside too. I was honestly the healthiest and happiest I had ever felt in my life. The journey started out to improve my physical health, and ended up an emotional and mental cleanse as well. My whole experience of a 65 day juice fast is one I will never forget! I hope this motivates you to embark on a personal health and wellness journey that will also attribute to a happy, healthy mind. 

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