Happy, Healthy You – Internal Health Will Shine Through

Happy, Healthy You – Internal Health Will Shine Through


Internal Health Will Shine Through
The other day I was at a picnic with close friends, when a dear couple complimented me on how good I looked. As a side point, this couple is lovingly referred to by other mutual friends as “Barbie and Ken”.  They are the whole package, as they both work out a lot, have gorgeous smiles, tanned bodies, great personalities, kind hearts, and beautiful kids. They both carefully looked me up and down and said how great I looked. They said I looked really healthy and how my skin was radiant and glowing. They gazed deeply into my  eyes, and because they both know me so well, commented on how happy and calm I was.  I have to be honest…
At first, I squirmed, as they looked at me closely, my initial thought was to dismiss all of their praise. As they spoke, my mind immediately thought they were wrong as I remembered the stubborn pounds that won’t seem to budge on the scale. But a couple days later, as I wrote in my journal, I gave serious and soul loving thought to their comments, and I realized they were right. I am healthier than ever before and I do look really good. Most importantly, I am the happiest and most calm and content I have ever been. I realized they’ve known me for over seven years and honestly, I am not even close to the same person (inside or out) I was even two years ago. I am excited to say I literally feel like an entirely new person.  Let me explain…
I started working with a life coach almost four years ago.  From the very beginning, it was a lot of hard work, to put it mildly.  Deep emotional and mental work is not only challenging but exhausting.  There were moments during my transformation, that I reverted back to my old emotional coping skills and turned to food for comfort.  For years it was easier for me to stay in denial and not take the necessary steps to change my outlook and life.  It wasn’t easy to take accountability for my actions.  To live consciously with compassionate accountability.  To let go of the victim and martyr story I had told myself.  Forgive, let go, and release those that had hurt me.  And most importantly, start down a road to self love, healthy boundaries, and extreme self care.
When journaling today, I realized that all the hard work I had done on my emotional and mental well being was shining through to others clear and bright.  Add to that, from a physical standpoint, I have released 180+ pounds. (My friends have seen about 125 pounds of that transformation).  I took the time to lovingly focus on how far I have come, instead of beating myself up over the remaining 50 pounds, or so, to lose.
Its amazing to me how easy I can go back to focusing on my faults and putting myself down.  I also realized they complimented me on how I looked on the outside, as my internal health was shining through on my skin. It wasn’t just about the 180 pounds I have lost but, my determination and self control to feed and nourish my body with healthy food, was apparent to them. Isn’t that whats really important?
Yes, we all want to fit into our skinny jeans, but optimum emotional, mental, and physical health will surely enable us to live a long, healthy, and passionate life.  So, if like me, you have been walking down your road to health for quite awhile, I think its important to take the time to look back at how far we have come.  Lets acknowledge ourselves for our hard work and dedication to not only survive, but thrive. And I hope you too can see your internal health shine through!
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