Happy, Healthy You – Celebrate Non Scale Victories

Celebrate Non Scale Victories

As you all strive to reach your health and weight loss goals, we know it can sometimes be disappointing because they can take longer to reach than we would like. Yes weight loss is, by definition, a numbers game. We all want to see the number on the scale go down and our body measurements to get smaller. Don’t ever forget this is your unique journey and beautiful success story. Enjoy every moment of it as you learn by trial and error along the way, what works for you and what doesn’t. There are numerous ways for you to get motivated and keep your head in the game, as you feel and see your progress in other ways than the number shown on the scale.

Realistically, we all have bad weeks (or months), stressful times, challenging social events or hit a plateau from time to time. Its vital we don’t get too discouraged and give up on ourselves and our goals entirely. We all know how it feels to brush ourselves off, readjust our strategy/thinking and get back up again. To stay motivated and going in the right direction, we need small successes or victories that don’t focus on the scale. Since this is your real life journey and not a destination only, its important to celebrate all your positive changes along the way. Take time to appreciate ALL the small changes and improvements to your health and well being, no matter how small. The more you focus on the unmistakable changes to your health, body and well being, the more you will realize there is a long list of non scale victories or successes.

A couple of non scale victories (#NSV) that we have already highlighted on our social media are looser fitting clothes, a positive happy mindset and lots more energy. We mentioned that taking better care of yourself usually includes eating healthier foods, getting adequate sleep and exercising which is a sure way to get all these benefits! The list of non scale victories list is so extensive that we will continue to draw attention on our social media as a good reminder. We want you to start to take note of all the positive changes physically (inside/out), health, moods, energy, emotions, food behaviors, brain function, fitness, sleep, and improvements to your life, family, relationships and socially.

We urge you to take the time to think about your unique journey and make a list of all your non scale victories that you can be proud of! You will surely find many positive changes to your health and overall well-being including the strength to carry on, as you take the time to celebrate all your victories, big or small. 

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