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Happy Healthy Kitchen – Healthy Protein Packed Breakfast

Happy Healthy Kitchen – Healthy Protein Packed Breakfast


I have repeatedly heard over the years, don’t skip breakfast! And I have also read numerous times that a protein packed breakfast is highly recommended as well. I honestly never truly valued, or followed, this nutritional advice until recently.
It all began a few weeks ago when I read the book by Dr. Sara Gottfried called The Hormone Reset Diet. I was really excited for the opportunity to reset seven different hormones enabling me to hopefully boost my metabolism for weight loss. I have struggled with getting the last part of my weight off, after losing 180 pounds or so. It has felt like my metabolism and weight loss had come to a very frustrating stand still. I must add that today, I am on Day 17 of the reset, and the health and emotional benefits have been astonishing so far. 
Eating breakfast within thirty minutes of getting out of bed was a completely new habit (and mindset) for me. I have never been much of a breakfast person, and have naturally gravitated towards eating later in the day. In fact, the last couple of years with all the new information on intermittent fasting, I thought that maybe I was on to something better.
Before embarking on this reset, I typically started my day with a green smoothie around noon. I never gave the total grams of protein in my vegetable packed smoothies much thought before. I still love my green smoothies but supplement them with a scoop of protein powder. In the beginning, it took a lot of conscious effort to make myself drink a clean protein drink. (I researched high and low for a good, clean protein powder without a lot of extra additives or fillers. I might write a blog about this in the future). Some mornings I drink half of my protein shake while driving to my fitness class, and finish the rest when I am done.
One of the biggest things I learned was that when you eat (or drink) protein first thing in the morning, it has a positive effect on your blood sugar levels. It can help set you up for the day by assisting your blood sugar levels (and hormones) to stay within a healthy range. Eating protein first thing in the morning also helps alleviate your hunger, allowing you to stay full and satiated until lunch.
I have definitely noticed these benefits for sure. I had never paid attention to my daily protein intake before this. I have a couple of good friends who are personal trainers, who seem to always eat a lot of protein, and I thought it was only good for building muscle. Dr. Sara Gottfried also mentions in her book that when “we don’t eat enough protein, we tend to eat more refined carbs or snack more, because we are hungrier. And that women with adrenal dysregulation often don’t get enough protein.” I didn’t know about these other health benefits. This has been a game changer for me as I now realize I wasn’t eating enough protein everyday for my body’s needs.
I have noticed my body and my digestion have been very happy with my clean protein powder shakes in the morning. On hectic days when I don’t have time to make a salad or haven’t meal prepped, I sometimes make a quick shake for lunch too. I have a new recipe I would like to try for vegetable egg muffins, which look easy to make and quick to grab on busy mornings. I am also going to research some savory, warm options for breakfast now that it seems the weather is turning cooler already.
I hope this will inspire you to not only eat breakfast but make it a healthy, protein packed one! 

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