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Happy, Healthy You – What Do You Need?

Happy, Healthy You – What Do You Need?

I love to read and have some of my favorite books that have impacted me, especially when it comes to breaking the pattern of emotional eating. One is by Cheryl Richardson called Extreme Self Care. The first chapter really zeroes in on ending a pattern of self deprivation. It definitely resonated with me. But I don’t think I am alone. It is especially common for those in roles of daily taking care of others’ needs, to prioritize their own needs. She mentioned that we especially fall back into old patterns of self neglect during really stressful life circumstances. Sound familiar? We can use food to stuff our feelings of resentment and frustration. Rather than asking for help or giving ourselves the space to breathe, we go into overdrive caring for others needs while seriously neglecting our own. This can perpetuate the never ending cycle of emotional eating as well.

A really important sentence that stood out to me was, “awareness is a powerful catalyst for positive changes”. That is so true. As you commit to your own health and self care, you may notice you can at times fall back into old patterns of self neglect. Some of the feelings you may need to cope with are anxiety, loneliness, resentment, irritability, and frustration. Take the time to check in with yourself, identify the feeling/problem and ask yourself, what do I need? Tune into the answer and do your best to provide for your physical, emotional and mental needs. For me, the answer usually comes back to giving myself patience, compassion and love. Pay close attention to how, why, and where you feel deprived. This will give you insight to your needs going forward. Ask yourself: Where do I feel deprived? What do I need more of right now? What do I need less of? Who or what is causing me to feel resentful or irritable? What is my soul yearning for? If you take the time to listen, really listen to the answers, you can become aware of your needs and make the changes needed. You will then be better equipped to achieve optimal health, wellness and happiness for a happier, healthier you.

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