Happy, Healthy You – Weight Loss Cheerleaders

Happy, Healthy You – Weight Loss Cheerleaders

Negative people, habits and thoughts can weigh us down and rob us of our joy; not to mention affect our weight loss efforts. We can create more space for success in our lives by reducing all negative clutter that weighs us down. Decluttering can go to the next level by clearing out more than our physical surroundings. We can choose to declutter, as it were, our relationships, friendships and careers. Never underestimate the power of creating a positive healthy space. Surround yourselves with close friends; the ones who get you through really challenging times. Value the friends who are cheerleaders, supporting you to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. As far as negative people, you probably have experienced some that, knowingly or unknowingly, make our weight loss journey a little more challenging. This may require us to speak up and set some healthy boundaries with our loved ones. We can’t assume they understand our struggles with food and we may need to voice our needs. Don’t be afraid to be specific. For example, ask that certain treats or trigger foods not be brought into the house, suggesting they eat them outside of the home. Or maybe ask for help with the kids so you can get a workout in. The ones that truly love us will be happy to support us to be the best version of ourselves. Be realistic with your expectations and know that some friends may not be in your weight loss corner, for various reasons. You may have to find creative ways to spend time with them that won’t jeopardize your goals. To ensure your success and make sure you put yourself first, you might be able to strategize a way to enjoy time together, that won’t include food.

Weight loss really is a journey because life happens, right? We can easily revert back to emotional eating patterns during challenging moments (weeks, months) but we can get back up. Or weight gain can happen with happy events in our lives as well. It is really helpful to have friends who can inspire each other. Maybe you are both sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You can motivate each other to do better to feel better. Try checking in with each other everyday. Have a Girl Squad in place. One word. Accountability. Having an accountability partner(s) to answer to is very helpful to keep you on track. Not only can you cheer each other on in the good times and celebrate your hard work/accomplishments; but you promise to honestly confess your hiccups so you can encourage each other, getting the support you need to go past your hurdle. Yes, we need support. Did you know research revealed that finding support for your weight loss efforts can mean the difference between success and failure?  AZ Medical Weight Control is passionate about what we do and very happy to offer you the weekly support you need. Our professional team of weight loss experts provide personalized programs that guarantee results. We hope you join us on this exciting journey where you are treated not as a client but family; letting us be a part of your Girl Squad! #GirlSquad

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