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Happy, Healthy You – Think First, Then Decide

Happy, Healthy You – Think First, Then Decide

So many times in life we can go barreling through with our everyday
decisions that we don’t stop to think first about how our choices will
ultimately affect us. How will they make us feel? Although in the
present moment it may give us satisfaction, but is that choice really
going to be worth it in the end? For example, I cant tell you how many
times I have started to eat something and then stopped because I
realized it did not line up with my personal goals. I know for me when
I pause to think first, it automatically makes me feel more in control
of my life; even if in the end I decide to treat myself with something
not necessarily on my food plan. It has really helped me to follow a
certain steps in order to gain the proper perspective. First, I
automatically pause. Take a breath. There is no rush. Second, I
refocus on my actions or zoom out. Third, I ask myself some important
questions that bring me back to reality. How will this decision affect
the way I feel later? Is this decision really worth it? Or am I just
going thru the motions on auto pilot or without truly making an
informed decision? Sometimes I ask questions like, how will my
digestion feel after this? Or will this affect my sleep or energy
level? Fourth, decide. If I decide that its a no, then I try to take a
positive step in the right direction. Taking that step to a healthier
choice seems to help me reinforce better habits. And ultimately,
better self care.

In fact, this four step process can help in all areas of life, with
big or small decisions. The scenario I talked about in the previous
paragraph mainly had to do with food choices. But honestly, you could
follow these steps if say, you are wanting to skip your workout. You
can ask, how will my body feel if I skip my workout today? Or how
amazing will I feel after my workout if I push myself to do it? Or
what if you are wanting to procrastinate on a work project? You could
ask, how will my stress and anxiety levels be affected if I put off my
work that I know I need to do today? I have a successful entrepreneur
girlfriend, she always says, and lives by, always do first, the things
you want most to put off doing last. And she does it! I know for me, I
sleep better and am much happier if I just tackle what I need to do.
It always pays off when I push myself to get my to do list done for
the day. It always gives me not only a great feeling of accomplishment
but makes me feel in control of my own life and decisions. Or what
about in the area of relationships. How will I feel about myself and
my character if I yell at my husband? How will I feel later if I react
angrily or lose control during my child’s tantrum? If someone close to
you is having a meltdown, ask yourself what is motivating him or her
to act that way? Can you decide to show compassion and patience. Or
what about the area of our workplace relationships? Can you try to put
yourself in your stressed out bosses shoes? If not, you can decide to
find a job in a healthier environment.

At the end of the day, when you think first, and then decide, you can
take back control in the drivers seat of your life. And that, will
contribute to a happier, healthier YOU!

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