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Happy, Healthy You – Take Care of YOU (COVID-19 edition)


Happy, Healthy You – Take Care of YOU (COVID-19 edition)


I was video chatting with a good friend yesterday and could tell by the big glow on her face that she had a great day. Not just a good one, but a great one. I wondered what she had done differently. In my mind, she is already one of those Super Moms. You know the type, right? They make everything they do look effortless; as they juggle a million things. And with the corona virus stay at home order, she has amazed me even more. Not only does she now home school all three of her younger grade school children; but she amazes me at the Zoom art classes she hosts for her children’s friends as well. She does all of this while patiently teaching her children to be caring, loving individuals. And, did I mention, I absolutely love being around her as she has a positive, happy and energetic soul. Of course, she has her moments, as she is not perfect. Thank goodness! But I think I uncovered the source of her happy soul on our video chat. Wait for it…she makes a concerted effort to take care of herself. Yup, even with everything extra on her plate with this pandemic, she takes really good care of herself. I know some days are better than others, as that is real life, but she makes a concerted effort to honor herself, mind, body and soul.

Now to get back to what she specifically did to take care of herself that particular day… First, she mentioned that she was able to log in her 10,000 steps in the sunshine and not leave her backyard. Second, she took the extra, often neglected step to connect to her body by stretching. Third, she ate super healthy, making sure she nourished her body by packing in the greens with a smoothie and making time for healthy meal prep. Fourth, she remained present with her children throughout the day, giving them quality time. Last and probably most important, she consciously stayed off her phone for most of the day. I am sure that included not being obsessed with the news and feeling its sadness over world events. She is one of those people who usually checks in with friends by text, calls or Marco Polo to spread joy, smiles and encouragement. She obviously still made time to connect as we did, but she made herself a priority. She ended her day early enough to set aside quality, quiet time to reconnect with her partner enabling her to get a good night’s rest. Ready to begin all again the next day…

Sounds like the perfect day to me as it checked off most of the important self care tips. What about you, what self care activities speak to your soul, instilling peace and calm in their wake. Whether its a drive to appreciate nature or revisiting a favorite, neglected hobby like playing an instrument. I know that life does not always look the way my friends day did, obviously. But what I do know is when I make the time to take really good care of myself first, I am able to give more to my relationships. Even professionally, I notice my quality of work improves and I am able to be more productive. It makes me an all around better, calmer person in every area of my life. I am at my happiest when I take care of me and I sincerely hope you see the beauty of taking care of YOU! (Especially now during these stressful times).

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