Happy, Healthy You – Stay Focused (Covid-19 edition)


Happy, Healthy You – Stay Focused (Covid-19 edition)


The other day I asked a friend how she was coping with the corona virus and her new normal. She is extroverted like me and is sorely missing her social life, among a lot of other things. I really appreciated her wise advice. She basically said, ‘Keep busy and stay focused.’ I think in the beginning when the shelter in place order unfolded, it was difficult for me to even wrap my brain around or process what was happening. I did the complete opposite of staying focused or productive, as I felt very numb. I tried to escape my reality by watching Netflix and eating comfort foods. I couldn’t concentrate and wasn’t sleeping well. Can you relate? Now that time has passed and I have adjusted mentally to my new circumstances, I am finding it very helpful to stay focused. I quickly realized I needed to keep busy with as normal of a routine as possible. Not only am I doing better physically but more importantly, emotionally and mentally. I am happy to say I am back on track with my healthy eating plan. My body is thanking myself for it, as my energy returned and I am sleeping better. Honestly, getting back into exercising outside has truly been a life saver. What has helped you?

Most importantly, I have felt my joy and positivity restored. Thankfully, my initial fear has been replaced with a sense of calm. One of the things I credit for this change in my attitude is I am a firm believer in practicing gratitude each day. I say practicing because, especially in times like these, gratitude needs to be a daily, conscious choice. I realized in quarantine that I had SO much more to be grateful for than I realized.

A main motivator to get back into my health and fitness routine was to look to the future. I had a choice to make. I could either continue down the path I was heading and feel even worse in a few months. (Esp. when I looked at the scale or tried on real clothes.) Or, I could take back control of my life by staying focused on my self care. In these current circumstances that are often uncontrollable, I hope you are able to take control of your life. If you need help with motivation or curbing your appetite and cravings, reach out to us. Don’t let those extra quarantine pounds sneak up on you.

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