Happy, Healthy You – Self Confidence

Happy, Healthy You – Self Confidence

I can definitely remember different times in my life where I seem to struggle with my self confidence. Big time. Can you relate? Recently, my self confidence has been pretty shaken by a challenging life event. In fact, its feels like I’ve been rocked to the core of my soul. So I started doing research on how to regain my self confidence. I ordered a book on Amazon regarding my specific circumstances and started journaling more. I started to process my feelings, analyzing why I was feeling so down and how to turn things around. I even sought out a good therapist to talk it out, which helps tremendously to gain clarity. Oh, and did I mention that I resorted back to old habits of emotional eating? I have been lovingly taking steps to get myself back on the self care track, and it seems to be working. I wanted to share some very powerful information I found on the subject of self confidence that I hope will help you on your weight loss journey and in all areas of your life.
The other day I ran across a couple of videos on YouTube on the subject of self confidence. There was a Ted talk from a gentlemen that recruited for the sports department at a University. What he said really intrigued me, and I believe he was accurate in his ability to recruit the best in athletic excellence. He mentioned how most parents in the interview process would naturally brag about their child’s unique athletic skills, making their child the best pick. He said that those skills weren’t the most important factor in the selection process. What truly mattered most is if their child possessed self confidence. He defined self confidence as having the strong belief in yourself that you can accomplish absolutely anything. If you possess the belief in yourself that you can accomplish it, it can be done. Anything. Period.
The second video was helpful for me to see that in order to gain self confidence you have to go thru the steps of self care. There are no shortcuts. It is a circle of perpetual motion that helps you to gain momentum. As you take care of yourself, even if its baby steps, you will gain momentum to take even better care of yourself. And if you continue with steps of self care, you will begin to feel even better about yourself and gain self confidence. Just take for example the affect of the opposite life choices. When you don’t make healthy choices and take care of yourself, you can possibly go round and round in a circle choosing even more self destructive behavior. More junk food, more alcohol, less sleep or not moving your body.
His definition of self confidence immediately reminded me of a time in my life where that was proven 100% true. To make a long story short, I used to work in the corporate world as a Bank Vice President. Before my promotion, I was a struggling single mom and worked as a Bank Teller. I desperately needed to make more money and interviewed at another bank to be a personal banker. The District Manager was so impressed in our interview that he hired me as a Vice President to run my own location. Ten months later because I had excelled in the position, he promoted me to a larger bank. Later, over gin and tonics, he told me why he took such a huge risk and gave me the opportunity. He said he could always teach me the Banking Regulations, skills or job specifics I would need. But what he could never teach me was what I already had inside of me. He saw my persistence, my drive, and my self confidence to do anything it would take to excel on the job. He said you cant teach someone effort. They either have it or not.
Trust me, just reminding myself of this clear expression of self confidence in the past did wonders to boost my low self confidence. It taught me to believe in myself again. I am not relating this story to brag, but to tell you that YOU can do anything you believe you can do! No friend or loved one can help you believe or see how wonderful you truly are. Nor do they have the power over you to take away believing in yourself. You have to believe in yourself. You got this! Now, go smash your goals!
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