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Happy, Healthy You – Resilience


Happy, Healthy You – Resilience


Resilience: the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. Resilient people are better equipped to get through challenging times. Resilience builds an inner strength that enables you to successfully bounce back from adversity and obstacles. You can emerge from your trials, scarred, maybe, but definitely stronger. One source on resilience noted, “Researchers say that it’s not only big challenges that require resilience. Even day-to-day stress can take a toll on your health. That is why it’s important for you to build resilience, no matter how trivial or how serious your problems may be.” All of us feel discouraged at times, the key is to not allow our circumstances keep us down. Feeling gratitude will usually help someone to recover from an occasional, much needed pity party. It takes a strong person to be able to roll with the punches. Being self aware and honoring your feelings is advantageous. The gift is being able to set your feelings aside, letting go of disappointment both emotionally and mentally. Resilience will help you to adapt to your new normal. Reaching out and comforting others will most times distract us from our own pain. It’s human nature to feel better after helping someone else. If our lives have been irrevocably changed, it can help to focus on what we can control instead of what we can’t. Focusing on the positive aspects of our life and being thankful will lead to a sense of inner joy. And the good news is, no one can take that joy away.

Another important aspect of resilience is adopting a healthy view of our mistakes. Mistakes are a realistic and natural part of life. In the book The Power of Resilience, it states that if you want to lead a resilient life, “you must recognize that mistakes and failure are a natural occurrence . . . Your choice is the manner in which you respond to these events.” Unfortunately, at times we can beat ourselves up with negative, destructive self talk. It’s important to acknowledge ourselves for all the things we are doing right in our lives.

Resilience is a skill that is learned through life’s experiences. For example, a child does not learn to walk without occasionally falling, right? Life is unpredictable. We cannot learn to succeed in life without experiencing occasional setbacks. As things get crazy in the world, our lives can knock us down at times, but the solution lies in getting back up. You will become a happier, healthier and resilient person.


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