Happy, Healthy You – Mindful Eating

Happy, Healthy You – Mindful Eating

Mindful eating, also known as intuitive eating, can positively affect your weight loss goals. Mindful eating helps you become aware of true hunger, tuning into your bodies’ needs. Actually, being mindful and in the present moment can impact our health and wellbeing in other areas of life as well. In regards to mindful eating, here are some tips we hope will help you:

1. Check in with yourself before, during and after eating a meal. Pay attention to your hunger level. Could you be dehydrated? Some can mistake hunger for being thirsty.
2. Slow down; Chew well, really taste and enjoy your food with your 10,000 taste buds. Did you know chewing your food well aids in digestion.
3. Learn to eat to satiation, not until you are stuffed.
4. Avoid distractions. This can be challenging as it is so easy to mindlessly eat while staring at our electronic devices.
5. Keep a food journal. Notice how a food reacts in your body. Ask yourself if you feel tired, have an allergic reaction or was it hard to digest, causing stomach pain. Or is your food nutrient dense, building health, energy and restful sleep?
6. Notice your feelings without self judgment. Sometimes we are craving something other than food. We can use food to alleviate boredom, to celebrate happiness or when we feel in need of love or connection.
7. Trust yourself. Or listen to your gut. (pun intended). Your intuition knows what is absolutely best for you. Listen to that self care voice inside.
8. Express gratitude. Globally, almost 9% of the world’s population go to bed hungry. Switch your mindset to gratitude for the healthy food choices we have to nourish our bodies. This is more powerful and effective than a deprivation mindset during a weight loss program.

We hope you enjoy the benefits and freedom of mindful eating. And all of us at AZ Medical Weight Control are here to support you to reach and maintain your weight loss goals. Set Yourself Free!

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