Happy Healthy You – Learn to Disappoint

Happy Healthy You – Learn to Disappoint

Can you make a shift this year 2023 in your focus, time and energy? It will take courage and might include facing some challenges and fear head on. I’m talking about placing more of an emphasis and priority in taking care of yourself and your needs than ever before. I recently heard that self care is so much more than eating healthy and exercising; it includes healthy boundaries to protect your time and mental health as well. This can result in the freedom of growing stronger mentally. You can create a safe space for you to flourish and focus on reaching your goals. There is no need to be a people pleaser where you only seek others approval and validation. I know for me, my focus, time and energy used to go to helping fix and/or giving all my attention to others rather than myself and my needs. This ultimately leads to a lot of frustration. Once you make the shift, it is truly freeing. You may have to learn how to disappoint others. I will explain what I mean.

First of all, there is no need to worry, as true friends will genuinely be happy to see your growth, supporting your newfound emotional and mental strength. One of the books that helped me to grow is by Cheryl Richardson, The Art of Extreme Self Care. One of the best chapters is called Let Me Disappoint You. Cheryl explains a time when her life coach saw that she was too concerned with what people thought of her and would bend over backward to be liked. To help her get over her need to be a good girl, he suggested she make one person angry everyday for a month to help desensitize her fear of letting people down. She said just the thought made her sick to her stomach, and oh man, could I relate. She explains that when you decide to break your pattern of self sacrifice and deprivation, you will need to start saying no, setting limits and boundaries in place to protect your time, energy and emotional needs. This can be very challenging and life changing. Once you get good at disappointing others, you will feel empowered as you intuitively and lovingly care for your needs.

I hope this has inspired you to tune into your needs, be courageous, and possibly disappoint some in your life. thereby setting yourself free!

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