Happy, Healthy You – Healthy Happy Hour


Happy, Healthy You – Healthy Happy Hour

I was having a girlfriend over to my adorable new place last weekend for what I like to call Healthy Happy Hour. Trust me, it IS possible to stick to your weight loss routine and be social at the same time. To be transparent, I have struggled in this area in the past but had to learn to have a foolproof strategy. For me personally, one of the absolute biggest challenges is how to stick on my weight loss plan while hanging out with friends. As a side point, one area I improved on is knowing I need to keep a healthy pantry and fridge. I have realized my home needs to be free from my trigger foods for success. When I do this, my weekly progress seems to go really well and according to plan. However, navigating the social aspect honestly took me some time to get the hang of it. The reason why this was so crucial for me to have a favorable result is 1. I love to socialize and hang out with my girls/friends and 2. I saw a pattern. It goes like this. I get in the zone with a positive mindset, crushing my goals and bam, my hard work and effort can be derailed just like that. I feel guilty, beat myself up and sometimes my one slip-up can turn into a full on collapse. And then it can be really hard to get my head back in the game. Can you relate? Having said that, I firmly believe balance in your eating habits is important because you still want to be able to live your life. Make sustainable lifestyle changes, in the real world for real life circumstances. Life is going to be a series of gatherings and celebrations. But guess what, if you make permanent changes to the way you eat that will work for you, you can reach your weight loss goal. And maintain it. I have a few tricks and tips up my sleeve I would like to share.

One of my biggest tips that helps me tremendously is to control my environment whenever possible. For example, with a happy hour setting, ideally I like to control the place and the menu. I prefer to have it at my house because I can easily do both of those things. I will fill you in on my Healthy Happy Hour later. In times past, when I meet friends at a restaurant or go to their house, it is more challenging for me. Not impossible because of my strategies but more challenging. One time I came empty handed to my friend’s house, who usually loves to serve lots of healthy food. She was too tired and ordered all of us a pizza and a hot pizza cookie for dessert. Literally no veggies or healthy options in site. My error and lesson learned as I came unprepared. Now if I meet at someone’s house for a party, I always try to bring a dish that fits with my eating plan. My favorite go to is a big vegetable platter with a delicious homemade dip that I can eat as much as I want to. This really helps me if no other healthy options are available, and at the same time I don’t feel deprived. (Making sure you make choices so you don’t feel deprived is a whole different blog post). When going to a restaurant, I found it helps to order right away while my convictions are feeling strong. And before the alcohol can alter and weaken my healthy decisions. I am not afraid to speak up to the waiter and ask for my needs. I only recently learned how to do this effectively. Recently, one our favorite hangouts on the water didn’t have much to choose from that I could eat. Happily, I ordered the guacamole and asked to substitute the chips for cut up vegetables. They brought a huge platter of carrots, celery and zucchini I could share. That night I wanted to drink water, which is rare for me. I can have a glass or two of wine and not feel guilty when I plan ahead for it in my eating for the week.

Going back to my Healthy Happy Hour, I made sure to have lots of healthy food choices like a veggie platter with a delicious oil free, homemade dip and a big salad. I also served a small cheese and gluten free cracker platter. The cheese was so good, you could savor the amazing taste with a little slice on each cracker. Of, and of course I served our favorite Rose’. We were both happy, satisfied and proud of ourselves for our commitment to our self care. It was so much fun to laugh, and catch up with each other. Really, at the end of the day, isn’t that the whole point of a Healthy Happy Hour?

BTW, stay tuned for next week, I will share my new recipe for a Oil Free, Easy and Delicious White Bean Dip.

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