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Happy, Healthy You – Focus on Being Healthy

Happy, Healthy You – Focus on Being Healthy

The other day I was reading a weight loss success story on Instagram. She was explaining what she did differently to be able to finally achieve her goal weight. In a nutshell, she did it by shifting her focus to one word: healthy. I loved the article because that is exactly how in the past I have done the exact same thing. When I switched my focus to being healthy, everything else seemed to fall into place, including the number on the scale. In all honesty, for years my entire focus and obsession was on the scale, making me feel like a prisoner. If I had an amazing week, where I had eaten healthy and stuck to my fitness routine, my day could quickly be ruined at my weekly weigh-in. Sound familiar? At times I would become so discouraged, I would allow myself to throw all my hard work out the door because I wasn’t happy with my results. It seemed I was trapped on a vicious and self defeating cycle. There were many weeks that I struggled to mentally get my head back in the game.  Experts will usually agree that reaching your weight loss goal has a lot to do with keeping a positive mindset. And my personal experience showed me that is true.

There is a saying that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. I knew I needed to try a whole different approach, but I didn’t know what. I stumbled across it really. A few years back I started educating myself on the power of good, clean nutrition for a healthy, disease free body. I devoured books by different doctors on the subject and watched documentaries on Netflix. I was so intrigued and excited by my newfound knowledge. I paid more attention to the quality of the food I ate, including a more whole food plant based menu. Rather than eating food in a self destructive way as I had done in the past, I focused on food as an act of self love. Food became a way to nourish my body and care for my health on the inside. I would look at preparing healthy food for myself and my family as love. I viewed all my time and effort as one of the best ways I could care for myself. For the first time in my life, my health became my first priority, not the number on the scale. I didn’t restrict myself either, but learned for the first time to practice intuitive eating. I confess I love sweets, so I found healthy and satisfying treats, that I still make to this day. It took more than just implementing my knowledge of nutrition to be successful. There was a bigger hurdle I had to tackle. I learned this the hard way, which is real life, right? When challenging emotional times hit, I would find comfort in my old way of eating unhealthy foods. I needed to learn new coping skills for my emotions, which I continue to work on to this day. Intuitive eating teaches you there is a big difference between emotional and physical hunger. It helped me to be realistic by preparing for the next emotional hurdle that was sure to come. One way I did this was by finding healthy, comfort food recipes I could nourish my soul with. As I noticed I do not usually crave a smoothie or salad on challenging days.

At the end on the day, thru life’s ups and downs, I am learning to show myself compassion. Most of all, I learned by focusing on being healthy, I was able to set myself free.
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