Happy, Healthy You – Extreme Self Care

Happy, Healthy You – Extreme Self Care

My life coach recently recommended that I start this year rereading (and implementing) a new chapter each month from a book called “The Art of Extreme Self Care” by Cheryl Richardson. I thought it was a great idea because the last time I had read it was in 2015, when I was a life coach for my weekend book group. The four of us in the book group not only learned a lot about the art of self care but became a great support for each other through various life challenges. I highly recommend reading the book if you struggle with putting your self care first or feel you have no time for yourself.

Last week as I reread the introduction, I realized a few things. I realized how grateful I was to successfully break a lot of my old patterns of self sacrifice and overgiving of myself. I was proud of myself for the hard work and changes I had already implemented the last couple of years. I had gotten rid of harmful relationships, learned to set healthy boundaries, decluttered my home creating a soul nourishing environment and set aside time each day, making my health a priority. Because I was listening to my inner voice and taking care of my needs, I was no longer resentful or unhappy. For example, I used to always say yes to everyone else, when I really wanted to say no. Trust me, it wasn’t always easy, as I had to fight feeling selfish. It took patience, commitment and practice. But I noticed the more I implemented these changes by taking care of myself, the more I thrived. My cherished self care eventually became second nature and something I guarded. In the end, it actually helped me to care for my loved ones in a healthier and more effective way.

I am also excited for the opportunity to take my extreme self care up a notch this year! My eye opening moment while I was rereading the introduction is that I want more than to simply check off my (Type A personality) list of healthy daily habits. Workout. Check. Green Smoothie. Check. Probiotics. Check. Meal prep. Check. Quiet time. Check. I want to incorporate her recommendation of making pleasure a priority. Soul nourishing activities everyday that will bring me real pleasure. For me that would be getting out in nature more, (I live five minutes from the beach!), getting a massage or pedicure and exploring new creative outlets. My intention is to really tune into daily habits that will make me feel happy and nurtured. Not just from a physically healthy standpoint which has been a big focus for me, but on an emotionally happy, healthy level.

I hope this blog will motivate you to exercise extreme self care also, so you can be a happier, healthier version of you! 

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