Happy, Healthy You – Ebb and Flow (Covid edition)



Happy, Healthy You – Ebb and Flow (Covid edition)


Have you noticed that your emotions can be a like a wave that ebbs and flows. Some days we are at our best physically, emotionally and mentally; and other days not so much. I have learned it is important in life to respect wherever I am on any given day. Respect the ebb as much as the flow. I remember a particular tumultuous time of my adolescence that seemed to be filled with daily emotional and mental challenges. My wise older sister suggested I take my life literally day by day, for my own well being. And that is exactly what I did to get thru it. Thankfully, the dark clouds eventually passed and life became more manageable. I noticed when I started to have a one day at a time mentality, I slowed down, took a breath and focused on my mental health. With all the new challenges that Covid is throwing our way, life can be more ebb or downtime of reflections. I have recently thought back to that wise advice and decided to implement it again during quarantine. I try not to worry about the next days anxieties, but rather focus on what my game plan is for today. I found this worked to calm any worries in my mind, maybe concerning my relationships, my commitments and even my weight loss and fitness goals. For one thing, I began to trust that if I handled each day intuitively, I could confidently face whatever came my way. This positive shift did wonders for my state of mind. My new motto became tomorrow is a new day. It is true for me, as sometimes all I needed was one slower day of reflection to bounce back to my full routine.

This same approach helped with my health and fitness routine. We all know that if we consistently work towards our weight loss goals, we will eventually get there. Breaking it down day by day helped me to focus on the little things I could accomplish that day, for my health and body. That’s what makes a true healthy lifestyle change right? It becomes apart of who we are, no matter what life throws our way. This works especially if our lives are in a hectic turmoil stage, because we might only be able to handle a couple healthy habits that day. And because life is filled with celebration, there will be times you choose to indulge in a treat you love. Like maybe a martini lunch with a dear friend you haven’t seen in years. Either way, you can enjoy each day without any guilt.

Life is made up of small, precious moments all strung together over time. That’s the beauty of life, the ebb and flow of it. We can successfully maneuver the dark storm clouds knowing eventually the sun will shine. And regardless of the current weather, we can savor the present moments.


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