Happy, Healthy You – Connect to Your Creativity (Covid Edition)


Happy, Healthy You – Connect to Your Creativity (Covid Edition)


I have a friend that is an amazing artist! She is one of the most creative persons I know. She says her art is her favorite outlet and the best form of therapy, ever. I have always been intrigued and inspired by her. She has a small art studio in her garage and it seems she can do anything. Do you know someone like that? Secretly, I have always longed to be an artist but I have never felt like I would be good enough. If I am being transparent, it is for a number of reasons…First, I know I was a creative little girl with quite the imagination, but I think at times, life can become a busy struggle as an adult. As a result, we can unknowingly disconnect from our childlike creativity. #adulting. And second, as a perfectionist, I have struggled with having the courage to just let myself go, in order to create art, no matter the outcome. In the past, I was discouraged as I felt my attempts to paint looked like a kindergartner. LOL.

The other day I was strategizing a new Covid game plan and weekly schedule for my mental health. On the very top of the list was being creative, and exploring new home projects. I have looked at many different distractions and ways to cope with my quarantine stress. Things like cooking, needlepoint, adult coloring books, Sudoku, journaling, game nights, videochat gatherings, and dancing like nobody’s watching. I even ordered a ukulele. 🙂

A while back I received a big box delivered to my house from my talented L.A. artist friend. This box had everything a budding wannabe artist could want. Sketching and art books, pencils, erasers, watercolors, artist palettes, acrylic paints, brush sets, travel artist supplies, etc. What a sweet friend, right? More than anything else, I really, really wanted to paint. It took me a long time to work up the courage. This week, I did my first Youtube watercolor tutorial. It was not only so relaxing but like my friend said, a type of therapy. I remained open to the learning process. As I experimented with the brushes, colors and techniques, I was excited to see myself improve. I actually thought I did really good. Maybe there IS an artist inside of me? Hmm, stay tuned.

I hope you, too, can find joy in connecting to your creativity!


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