Happy, Healthy You – Choose Gratitude



Happy, Healthy You – Choose Gratitude


Remember how you were feeling six months ago, specifically, about the worldwide pandemic?  I clearly remember the numb I felt in the beginning, and an overall overwhelmed feeling. When lockdown began, I seemed to focus on everything that changed overnight in my life; all the things I didn’t have or could no longer do. If you know me, you know I have never been a person that is content to just survive in life, but I want to thrive. This is not always easy as change can be challenging, especially when it is overnight. I am someone with a type A personality, so I love to write things down. Don’t laugh, but I literally wrote a Covid game plan for success. In April, I felt a huge life changing shift when I started to focus on all the things I still had to be thankful for. I admit, I had to dig deep on some of them. First world problems. It is a conscious choice we make when we switch to a positive mindset and daily thoughts of gratitude.

Over the past years, I noticed the positive impact of choosing gratitude. It has given me a freedom I had never experienced before and has been a powerful tool that I successfully implement in my everyday life and relationships. With gratitude, I have been able to literally turn around some of my worst life experiences or trauma that have caused me tears and pain, or that made me angry and resentful into something positive and empowering. I have been able to let go of the negative feelings and emotions that were keeping me hostage. As Rhonda Britten, an incredibly effective Life Coach and Author says, “Gratitudes do more than make you feel good for a little while. Gratitudes can literally change the way you think from a negative to a positive. They reframe your language from negative to positive.They change the way you listen and the way you see the world. Gratitudes shift your focus so that you are aware of what you have, instead of what you don’t have. When you make gratitudes an integral part of your day, you are increasing your ability to see opportunities and possibilities where perhaps none existed before”.

It was after I started implementing the tools in her book, Fearless Living, that I noticed immense changes to all aspects and relationships in my life, with the biggest change in my relationship with myself. I see and feel the power I have to change my thoughts and change my life. I have a newfound awareness and appreciation for all the things that are good and amazing in my life which has made me a happier, stronger woman. So give gratitude a try. Write down five things you are grateful for, big or small, everyday. Remember, there is always something to be grateful for, always.


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