Happy, Healthy You – Be Intuitive

Happy, Healthy You – Be Intuitive

Slow. Down. I know…it is easier said than done in this hectic pace world. Naturally, it is challenging to find the time to pause and listen to our bodies or intuition. What does that mean exactly? Take nutrition for example, and listen to what our bodies really need to thrive. Sometimes we can get into the bad habit of grabbing unhealthy food in a rush, which only perpetuates our bad habits. And then we feel lousy with no energy to get through our to-do list for the day. Or instead of feeling our feelings, we can use food to stuff down our emotions. Been there, done that. But what if we took the wisdom of tuning into our needs by listening to our bodies a step further? What if we tuned into not only our bodies physical needs, but emotional and mental needs. Our bodies are sending us messages, core, gut feelings, all the time. We can get into the habit of blowing right past them; like a machine on an auto pilot. We have kids and a partner to care for, all the while juggling a career and a home. How are we supposed to find the time to listen to our needs? Not just on a physical level, but a mental one. We need to get quiet; get sensitive to YOU, for just a minute. When we intuitively listen to our bodies messages, we don’t need to reason them, logic them, or intellectualize them. We just need to act on them. They talk about that gut feeling or inner intuition, well, it is real. Our intuition can tell something is not quite right. We just have to be willing to listen.

I read a couple of fascinating books from Christiane Northrup that explained that as women, we are given the opportunity to slow down every month during our cycle. It’s meant to be the time we check in with ourselves and clean house emotionally, so to speak. It’s time to reset and refresh. Nurture our minds and our bodies. Sweats, naps and chocolate anyone? If we never take the time during our cycles month after month, decade after decade to check into our bodies and mental health, eventually it will catch up with us.  And, the beauty is, we can choose to put ourselves first and to listen. Sometimes, the most simple way of tuning in to our needs, is to just stop. Pause for a moment. Breathe deeply. Ask yourself how you are feeling. Trust yourself and your intuition to know the answer. Your mind often works from a place of “I shoulds” whereas our intuition usually comes from a softer and more gentle place, truly connected to what we most need. It may not be easy at first but the more you practice, the more clarity you will find on what health means for you, what works and doesn’t work for your body, and your own unique path to wellness.

Here’s to a happy, healthy you as you choose to develop the art of listening to your intuition!

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