Happy, Healthy You – Avoid A Deprivation Mindset


Happy, Healthy You – Avoid A Deprivation Mindset


Weight loss experts say it’s beneficial to include moderation and balance in your approach. Moderation and balance are some of the best tools for long term sustainable weight loss. I agree with this and have found the same to be true in my weight loss journey.  Let me explain…In the past, I feel like my all or nothing approach to weight loss has set me up for disappointment and what I like to call the deprivation mindset. When I’ve followed an overly restrictive eating plan, it backfired for sure. I am especially challenged when I am put into a tempting situation socially. My willpower caves because I have felt deprived for weeks. I want to enjoy myself with my friends, and usually that time includes food or drinks. Sound familiar? I would immediately tell myself (insert whiny voice), you deserve it, you have been so deprived, you deserve to treat yourself. Then I notice I can easily go overboard “treating” myself, because I feel I will never have a treat again. I don’t think I would make the same choices in those situations if I hadn’t been depriving myself all along. Most times I can successfully navigate the social situation with moderation. I don’t know about you, but I do not like the feeling of deprivation. I feel like a five year old being put in time out. As a side note, and the funny thing is, the treat isn’t really a treat if it makes me feel sick after, is it? For me, I have had better success at allowing myself to enjoy the special moments in life where food or drinks are involved, in moderation. Afterwards I easily return to my weight loss game plan guilt free. The minute I deprive myself, it doesn’t seem to work out as well.

Secondly, not only has a moderate viewpoint been helpful, but also adopting a balanced mindset. For example, I admit I love sweets. In order for me to be successful, I have learned to make healthy, sweet treats at home. I notice when I make quality healthy treats, I feel cared for as I prepare them. I can also get away with feeling satisfied with a much smaller portion. Approaching my sweet tooth with a balanced perspective has made all the difference. I also notice I generally stick to a healthy plan during the week, and if I take a balanced outlook to eating on the weekend, I can be successful. For example, I might allow myself a favorite meal and will divide into two meals.

Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goal is a journey with lots of twists and turns. Try implementing moderation and balance to avoid a deprivation mindset for long term results. If you are interested in our specialized weight loss program or maybe want support for youir weight loss, don’t hesitate to reach out.



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