Happy, Healthy You – Adulting


As adults, our responsibilities and realities can be sobering to say the least. # Adulting Oftentimes, our lives can turn out a lot differently than we had imagined. Am I right? No matter what chapter of life you find yourself in, it can include some serious challenges. Past or present. The reality, and beauty, of life is there will be ups and downs. The downs, or life experiences, can lead to valuable wisdom. With our newfound insight, we can adjust and readjust the direction of our lives. If life takes us down a road we never imagined, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is a bad thing. Challenging, yes. The good news is, once we get through the tough times, frequently we can look back on the road we have just traveled and see newfound strength and personal growth. And most times, once we are on smoother ground, we can be grateful for life’s unexpected blessings.

You might be thinking…I have aspects of my life I can’t control. You are right. Most of us are dealing with hard situations in which we have no control. Acceptance of them will help us to make peace with our circumstances. This step will open our hearts to love and compassion. It could be compassion for others or ourselves. We are doing the best we can. If we look for the silver linings, we can learn to be content with our story. Acceptance, gratitude and compassion will free us to pursue other dreams or paths. Maybe it will be setting and reaching our weight loss goals. Or carving out time for much needed self care. Developing healthy habits. Or pursuing a hobby you have always been passionate about. You will notice a new freedom to live your life intentionally and on purpose. It is possible to write, create and embrace our present lives. Not only surviving but thriving. This can most definitely lead to a happier, healthier you.

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