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Happy, Healthy Mind – Steps to Forgiveness

Happy, Healthy Mind – Steps to Forgiveness

They say there is power in forgiveness and letting go. Not only forgiving anyone who may have hurt you, but also forgiving yourself. It is too easy to hold on to hurt and stuff your feelings down with food. When you numb out your feelings, you numb them ALL, the pain and the joy. I wanted to share four powerful steps to forgiveness.

The book Fearless Living says this about the process of forgiveness and its four stages…”DENIAL is a fine temporary mechanism that helps us cope with the most unspeakable of assaults on our souls.” For some people, denial is a safe place of numbness. It is challenging to face our pain or have the tools needed to move past the pain. Rhonda Britten says the “next stage of forgiveness is often ANGER. Self pity, resentment and blame are the most commonly expressed feelings of fear at this stage. And depression is most often anger internalized.” Some can experience the vicious cycle of self blame and loathing, and abuse your body with food. She goes on to say, “the third stage of forgiveness can be extremely challenging. It is ACCEPTANCE. The event happened. Harboring anger only poisons you, not the other person. You stop searching for meaning and reasons. You stop blaming, You accept the situation as is and move forward the best you can.”  This stage is where the transformation and healing to your heart and soul can genuinely begin. It allows you to finally put my past in the past and stop putting your mental energies into the situation(s). You experience the freedom of moving on. Rhonda mentions “finally you will reach stage four of forgiveness: COMPASSION. You are able to see the event from the other person’s perspective.” Implementing these powerful steps of forgiveness allow you to refocus your energy on the happy, precious memories from each chapter of your life. Make a conscious decision to squeeze out the juice from your life’s experience, and look to your unique life lessons of love and gratitude. You can learn to appreciate how your past gave you strength of character and shaped you into who you are today. Gratitude is an important step to true forgiveness and letting go.

I hope you embrace your individual journey to forgiveness and letting go, enabling you to truly set yourself free!


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