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Happy, Healthy Mind – Me Time

Happy, Healthy Mind – Me Time
I have a good friend who I will lovingly call the Queen of Me Time. After hanging out with her more recently, I have come to appreciate the sacred me time she sets aside for herself each week. First let me explain, she is a super busy and super successful woman who owns her own business. If anybody could have the excuse that she doesn’t have time for herself, it is her. Nope. NO excuses, she schedules me time every week, and I mean every week. She has a weekly routine of some serious pampering. Recently, she was kind and generous enough to treat me to a decadent session. We both went to get our nails done and also a luxurious spa pedicure. The salon women all knew her because they see her every week as she honors her self. Me? Well, I honestly cant remember the last time I have done something so luxurious. Kinda sad, right? Trust me, I make all kinds of excuses, such as I don’t have the time or the money. Lets just say the evening we spent together, getting our hands and feet done, was life changing. First of all, I quickly understood why a busy person like her puts herself first, no matter what. Second, I honestly could have cried happy tears, it felt that goooood. Lets just say I was pretty embarrassed for the manicurist to work on my hands, as I had just detailed my neglected vehicle. And after scrubbing away earlier in the day, my hands and nails still held major signs of grime and disrepair. And lastly, it may sound dramatic, but I felt like a new woman. I made myself a promise that evening, not to allow anything or anyone, to come in the way of me time. Me time took on a much deeper meaning that night, it represented having self dignity and showing self love. Bottom line, I will not neglect myself any longer. Period.
Now it may not always be as extravagant or costly as my friend can afford each week. Did I mention she went for a two hour facial today? Talk about jealous. LOL. Me time can include moments out of each day or each week that are filling to your soul. Each of us are beautifully unique and crave different outlets. What nourishes your mind, heart and soul? I love quiet time journaling in nature. Or maybe working on my non-published autobiography in a quaint coffee shop. (Writing for me soothes my soul and helps me to honor my feelings/emotions and life experiences by getting them out on paper.) Just for the record, I do plan on making another appointment to get my nails done in a couple of weeks. And yes, I am going to keep up on my pedicures too. I know I am worth it. And you are too.

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