Happy, Healthy Mind – Declutter Your Space


Happy, Healthy Mind – Declutter Your Space

I’ve been watching decluttering videos lately, hoping for inspiration, since decluttering and minimalism are a hot topic. Confession: my closet was a crowded mess. I could tell that my mess definitely had an impact on my mind and well being. Not to mention, I could never find outfits to wear. Actually, for months in quarantine, I have been waiting for the declutter bug to hit me. And this week, I can happily say, it finally did! I still have more to do, but already I literally feel lighter and renewed both physically, emotionally and mentally. The process seemed to happen naturally, as I made a conscious decision to take better care of my body and my mind. Decluttering also happened in stages for me, like peeling an onion. I handled the easier projects first, by purging the belongings I was least emotionally attached too. As I felt stronger, I felt ready and willing to tackle the harder projects in my home. Psychologically, letting go of my clothes is the most challenging, possibly from a fear of scarcity. I felt ready to let go of the clothes from the past chapters in life such as suit jackets and an evening dress from 20 years ago. I wanted to clear the way to be able to create a wardrobe I was passionate about, and that mirrored who I am today.

In the book Extreme Self Care, in a chapter entitled, Soul Loving Space, she emphasizes the “power of being in a space that feels fully aligned with our soul.” She calls it “creating a soul nourishing environment” that will literally transform your life. She says when ‘we live in a place that’s crammed with too much stuff or devoid of beauty, it drains our energy leaving us feeling depressed, exhausted and unmotivated.’ She says sometimes “the most powerful way to create a soul loving space is to simply remove 50 percent or more of what’s there.”  My goal was to rid my overflowing closet of the clothes I rarely wear, didn’t fit me or frankly, I didn’t like. She recommends we go room by room and 1. Examine our space 2. Evaluate what needs to change 3. Eliminate what we don’t absolutely need or love and 4. Enhance our space to be extraordinary. I like her idea of handling one room at a time.

With an open heart and little effort, my home has become my happy place, my sanctuary. I sincerely hope that you too experience the power of letting go and decluttering your space.
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