Happy Healthy Mind – Acknowledge Yourself

Happy Healthy Mind – Acknowledge Yourself

You may be familiar with the practice of writing down all the things you are grateful for each day. Gratitude helps to shift our focus to all the positive things, big or small, instead of focusing on the glass half empty. But what about the challenge of negative self-talk? If we tend to be emotional eaters, the negative battle with ourselves can definitely affect us. If we are in the bad habit of tearing ourselves down, being grateful for others or things may come a lot easier to us than acknowledging ourselves for what we’ve accomplished or what we are most proud of.  Acknowledgements help us make a conscious effort to be kind and gentle with ourselves rather than beating ourselves up for what we haven’t done.

I first learned of the practice of daily acknowledgements from Life Coach Rhonda Britten. She teaches that acknowledgements are very different and more effective than affirmations. Acknowledging yourself daily for what you are proud of is one of the homework exercises in her book, Fearless Living. Acknowledging ourselves may take consistent effort and help break the cycle of negative self-talk. You may find the more you acknowledge yourself for all the little things you do everyday, the better your self esteem will be, silencing critical thinking. It can have a big impact on your internal dialogue, becoming more loving and accepting of yourself. Acknowledge yourself in all areas of your life, especially the areas you are improving on. Acknowledgements can have to do with your relationships, health, fitness, nutrition, emotional health, boundaries, self care, etc. By acknowledging myself in all your accomplishments, big or small, you practice self love and acceptance. It not only validates who you are as a person but is a way you can celebrate your unique inner beauty and qualities.

I hope you take the time each day to write down your personal acknowledgements. It is definitely worth the effort. It’s all the little things we consistently do for ourselves on a daily basis that will produce happier and healthier lives. I sincerely hope that you, too, reap the benefits  of acknowledging yourself everyday.

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