Happy, Healthy Mind – Accept Life Changes (Detours)

Happy, Healthy Mind – Accept Life Changes (Detours)

Have you ever looked at where you are in life and realize you are going down a road you didn’t ever imagine being on? Life can be like that, full of change or detours. Is it really possible that by accepting life’s changes (detours), you can end up in a more beautiful place than you were before? A change in life can be big or small. They can be caused by a change in our relationships, financial situation, health or even the number on the scale. Detours or change can be hard to embrace. Most of us usually like things to stay the same. When it comes to your weight loss journey, it is possible to find success. It may take some detours to finally get there, but you can do it. And you will find out a lot about yourself in the process. I remember watching an interview of a woman who had lost over 100 pounds. It took her many trial and errors (or detours), before she was able to finally keep it off for good. Something that struck me is her saying she had to heal herself on the inside emotionally first.  Had she not embraced her different detours, she would never have figured out her formula for success. The key was for her to embrace life’s detours, setbacks, disappointments and not give up on herself but keep trying.

Some detours can be exciting and scary all at the same time. Unfortunately, even with pain and heartbreak, you first experience the breakdown before there is a breakthrough. A change in circumstances usually follows personal growth. Growth at the time feels uncomfortable, but a change in your life can be extremely freeing as well. Learn to pause, take a breath and accept the changes, because life can definitely be even more beautiful on the other side. Your life can be even more brilliant than ever before, if you embrace life’s detours.

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