Happy, Healthy Life – Positive State of Mind

Happy, Healthy Life – Positive State of Mind

Do you suffer from negative thinking or state of mind? I watched Anthony Robbins ask people what challenges were negatively impacting their lives. Some answers were anxiety of where their life is going, fear of failure as a perfectionist, struggles with a new business, and coping with a loved one with cancer. My immediate thoughts went to overcoming obstacles in getting to and maintaining our weight loss goals. He explained what we all know, in order to have a different result, we need to have different actions. The challenge he explained is that all of us can get into different emotional or negative states of mind, and in order to get results we have to change our negative state of mind. I know and have experienced that our minds are so powerful that we can literally change our behaviors and our outcome. When I worked with clients as a life coach, I would say, change your thoughts and you can change your life. This can apply to any area or challenge in our lives.

It can be unrealistic to think that every day is filled with positive, continuous energy and zeal for life. Life is full of ebbs and flows. That’s life and that’s okay. Respect the good and the bad, the positive and the negative. When you hit those inevitable bumps in the road, make a conscious effort to change the channel (mindset). If you can immediately change your current thought or current activity, or both, it can help put you back on the road to positivity. This may take practice as you start to recognize and stop your negativity in its tracks. Sometimes, it’s our own thought patterns/actions that can hold us back from reaching our goals.

Examples of this could be struggling to find the motivation to get to your fitness class. Not only think of your WHY but your commitment to yourself, your health and emotional wellness. You may have to fake it till you make it. Moving through the pain of not wanting to go always pays off in a big way. Not only will you usually feel better after you sweat but your emotional state and self confidence improves. And the outcome of the rest of your day goes a lot better too. Or how about this scenario…You’re down in the dumps. All you can do is think and feel negative thoughts about your life. Honestly, all you want to do is mope and stay in your favorite fleece bathrobe eating ice cream. It can be very challenging but try to change your surroundings. Force yourself to throw on clothes and get out the door. Change the channel (mindset/action). Get out in nature. This change of action can change your thoughts and mindset to a positive one, enabling you to get different results.

Pushing yourself to make positive choices daily and create a healthier lifestyle can be hard. Ask yourself. What is the alternative? Don’t give up. It’s not how many times you fall that matters, it’s that you get back up. Over and over again. I hope you experience the power of a positive state of mind to live a happier, healthier life.

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