Happy, Healthy Kitchen – Healthy Coffee Alternative


Happy, Healthy Kitchen – Healthy Coffee Alternative


Sometimes it is nice to have a healthier alternative to your morning coffee. I found one that is so good that it is sometimes my preference; probably because it includes a happy mood enhancing chocolate. Did I mention it’s also incredibly simple to make, which is nice on those groggy days. The main ingredient is raw cacao powder. I have been using raw cacao powder for a few years now to make healthy delectable desserts. Cacao is unprocessed, made from fermented, dried, unroasted cacao beans. It is considered a healthier option than cocoa powder. Studies have shown it is a rich source of beneficial plant compounds, and flavanols, which have heart-protective and anti-cancer antioxidant properties, among other health benefits. Cacao also possesses a plant source of iron that is effectively absorbed by the body.

It is such a versatile recipe, so play around with it and adjust it to your taste. I alternate between using oat milk or a flavored plant milk creamer.

2 heaping tablespoons of raw cacao powder (my favorite brand is from Navitas)
One cup of hot water or more depending on the size of the coffee cup
Sweetener of choice, I use either stevia or maple syrup
Dash of vanilla extract or cinnamon
Plant milk or plant milk creamer

Place all ingredients in your favorite coffee cup and combine either with a spoon, whisk or blender. Sip and enjoy!


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