Happy, Healthy Kitchen – Drink Your Veggies



Happy, Healthy Kitchen – Drink Your Veggies

If I think of one of the most important healthy habits that I have incorporated into my day, it would be hands down drinking my veggies in green smoothies. I know that there is a lot of buzz about them everywhere. But to me, all the hype is for good reason. I have been drinking a quart a day for almost 10 years now. Yes, that’s right, every morning. I literally don’t feel the same unless they are part of my daily routine. In fact, they are so important to me that I will pack them with me when I travel. When I started, I quickly noticed increased energy and an overall feeling of well being. The list of benefits went way beyond this for me though. My body felt fully nourished nutritionally for the first time. The research shows that when you take the variety of healthy greens like kale, spinach, swiss chard, and break them down into a smoothie, it helps make the nutrition available (or able to assimilate) in your cells. Not to mention, if you have struggled with digestive issues like I have, I could tell my body was absolutely loving the new assimilation of nutrients. I think that is the main reason I still crave my smoothies today. When I eat a salad, I am not sure the total percentage of nutrients I am able to assimilate, but with the green smoothie I feel like I am getting the full benefit of nutrients. It’s not only important what you eat, but what you digest. The abundance of whole food plant fiber acts like a broom cleaning the entire intestinal tract. Don’t get me wrong, juicing definitely has its place with lots of benefits but for the day to day I prefer smoothies. Green smoothies are not only super fast but cost effective. I notice I sleep better and have soft, healthy looking skin that absolutely glows. My hair and nails are also super healthy and grow unbelievably fast. Another huge benefit I noticed was that my blood sugar is stabilized during the day. I always thought I was hypoglycemic because I used to get hangry, shaky and have to eat after three hours or so. I noticed that this doesn’t happen anymore. I stay satisfied longer and don’t have the blood sugar dips like I used to. The last but certainly not the least benefit, is I hardly ever get sick. It seems like I have a super immune system. If I do get sick, it is literally for hours or a day, but I seem to quickly bounce back. I can only imagine all the health benefits happening to my body on the inside that I don’t know about!

I usually give my beginner friends this fast, easy, no prep recipe to follow for success. Throw 1/2 to 1 ripe spotty banana in the bottom of the blender. Open a bag of organic pre-washed spinach and put in two large handfuls or more. Put one cup of frozen blueberries on top. Add in 2 or 3 cups of cold water (or plant milk), blend for a minute or so and there, done! This healthy green smoothie will actually be purple. I have gotten little kids, and picky teenagers to start loving smoothies with this recipe. My girlfriends who have started their kids on green (or purple) smoothies, now have really healthy kids that rarely get sick. After your taste buds get used to this recipe, you might want to venture out and add other greens like kale. I also make sure to rotate my greens regularly. And feel free to add in other ingredients like a high quality protein or green powder.

I feel that the health benefits of green smoothies are so substantial that they are worth the time; making your health a priority. I hope you reap the benefits of adding a healthy green smoothie into your day. Happy Blending!!

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