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Happy, Healthy Body – Weight Loss Strategies

Happy, Healthy Body – Weight Loss Strategies

When it comes to weight loss, there are research based strategies that have been proven to be effective. Weight loss programs are focusing on behavioral psychology that can be implemented to help with our weight loss struggles. Behavioral psychology aims to understand WHY we behave the way we do and analyze any self destructive patterns in our actions and behaviors. One of the effective behavioral strategies is getting social support. A strong support system is vital since life can be filled with ups and downs during these uncertain times. It can help us feel more secure and grounded when we have a really solid group of friends to count on. It doesn’t have to be a large group, but a tight inner circle of those you can trust. Support and help navigating our lives can offer just what we need. Seeking support for our weight loss goals gives us the opportunity to get feedback and support from friends, family or supervised programs. The reason social support helps is because it creates a sense of compassionate accountability.

We all know exercise is also an important factor in our weight loss. If you can get support from a friend, family member or online community, you’ll be less likely to find excuses to workout. When you arrange to work out with someone ahead of time and put it in our calendar, it helps us keep that commitment to ourselves, holding us accountable. And remember, if you move your body each day, it will help you cope with everyday stress. Additionally, research has shown that people who attend weight loss programs with a friend or family member are more likely to stick with it and lose more weight. Who would be better for motivation than someone that is also committed and engaged to the program as you are. Some weight loss programs are good at incorporating these strategies for your success. You can find a program you love and stick to it. Maybe you’re needing some extra support to rid yourself of excess weight? AZ Medical Weight Control is passionate about helping people and has successfully helped thousands of clients navigate quarantine and shed unwanted pounds.

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