Happy, Healthy Body – Stop Eating After Dinner

Happy, Healthy Body – Stop Eating After Dinner

Closing the kitchen after dinner is a proven technique worth adding to your daily habits that can aid in weight loss. Think intermittent fasting. There are different benefits to this habit but it is sometimes harder said than done. If you eat an earlier dinner, you can still eat a moderate dessert or snack but try to cut off eating by no later than around 7 o’clock. Of course, you can adjust this time to your schedule. The experts say that it is good to cut off eating for the night at least three hours before bedtime. The main reason for this is that when you go to bed on a full stomach, your body spends a lot of time digesting your food. I have read that our bodies expend about 60-70% of its energy digesting food. When you cut off eating earlier in the evening, you give your body a chance to use its energy for healing and detoxing our organs and cells. Intermittent fasting is an effective weight loss tool. I remember even Oprah Winfrey raving about this habit helping her as well. As a side point, the matter of digestion is another reason doctors have advised eating three meals a day. If we are constantly feeding our body throughout the day and evening, it is using its energy for digestion. An added benefit I’ve noticed is that when I go to bed on an empty stomach I sleep much better as well.

To be perfectly honest, I have struggled with this healthy habit in the past. It is getting easier the more I incorporate it. I’ve had to get used to that hungry before bed feeling. It takes some getting used to, but after a while, you start to feel more in control of your eating (emotional eating, boredom eating, snacking in front of the TV, etc). Some things that help me are eating an apple after dinner. Apples are a healthy snack and very filling. Try saving your bubbly water for the evening to sip on. Treat yourself to different yummy herbal teas at night. The warm aromatic cup really does feel cozy and comforting. Cinnamon apple is one of my favorites as it is naturally sweet. Another thing that may sound simple is brushing your teeth earlier in the evening. Don’t forget to add in mouthwash to your early night dental hygiene routine. Most will not want to eat with a fresh minty mouth. Heck, why not go all out on pampering yourself with your nighttime routine.

I hope you will also reap the health and weight loss benefits of closing the kitchen after dinner.



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