Happy, Healthy Body – Start Small

How is your self care routine and fitness schedule going? It seems a lot of us can struggle in different areas of our lives at the same time. Our relationships, work, parenting and even mental health might be suffering; pulling us in so many directions. And on top of all that, reaching our weight loss and fitness goals can be especially challenging. Can you relate? Sometimes we have to go back to the basics of self care. It’s not easy starting at square one. But honestly, we may have to in order to progress forward. If we can keep our game plan really simple, it might not be overwhelming for us, right? Additionally, our desire and goal is to stay motivated, so we can maintain our healthy habits for the long term. We all want to establish healthy habits that become a part of our everyday routine. That is the ultimate goal.

Where do we start? Number 1. Start small. I’ve used this mental tactic before and it really does seem to work; especially if you are a recovering perfectionist. For instance, if your schedule is jam packed, try telling yourself to start with an easy ten minute workout. Who can’t fit in ten minutes? Our goal can be easing back into moving our bodies. And when you start your 10 minute workout, you will likely notice the benefits physically and emotionally immediately. The exciting thing is that 9 times out of 10, you will feel so good that you want to continue for at least another twenty minutes. Number 2. Do something you love to do! Move your body in a way that doesn’t feel like exercise. Personally, I love to take a walk in nature. It is a refreshing way to reset your body and mind, and get back on track. Fitness experts will tell you that in order to make exercise a regular part of your everyday life…Do something you love!


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