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Happy, Healthy Body – Nurture Yourself

Happy, Healthy Body – Nurture Yourself

I have a really close friend that is struggling with some serious health issues. She has always been a strong, intelligent woman, a nurturing mother to her two children and completely rocks it in her professional life. For years, I have watched her put everyone before herself. Can you relate? I think this latest health scare has made her realize that she will not be good to her loved ones or her job unless she sets some healthy boundaries and takes care of herself first. It is the philosophy of putting on the oxygen mask on yourself first if there’s an emergency in a plane. It makes logical sense but having that transmit into real life actions is another thing entirely. One of the hardest life lessons can be to say no (or not yet) to others if needed, while saying yes to yourself. Truly, it can literally mean the difference of living a longer, healthier life. It can also mean reaching your weight loss goals, once and for all. Living a healthy, vibrant life takes effort but it is so worth it. YOU are worth it!

The topic of nurturing yourself has always been a fascinating topic for me. Partly, because I too have struggled with it in the past. I have other friends who do not hesitate to take care of their needs first. What is the difference? I don’t think it is a simple answer but a compilation of healthy choices everyday that build our self love. The more you do it, the more the self destructive behaviors become a thing of the past. I have found that learning to set healthy boundaries with food and self care often translates to setting them in all areas of life including work and relationships. I feel a lot of us women can easily fall into the routine of neglecting ourselves. We are loving caretakers and nurturing by nature. I too realized I was nurturing everyone else but me. I now practice a variety of things that are self nurturing to my soul, big or small, such as: take the time to make healthy nourishing meals for myself; when I am struggling emotionally, I pour my feelings out on paper or to a trusted friend to gain clarity and emotional support;  I aim to move my body everyday in a way I love like dancing, rebounding or nature walks; I prioritize getting enough sleep each night; I guard my time and am finally ok with saying no; I make time to reconnect with healthy, supportive friends; and I cherish my alone time. In the end, I believe daily steps of self care and nurturing yourself, makes us even better partners, friends, employees and moms.

What are your favorite rituals to nurture yourself? Implement them as soon as you can. I hope this blog motivates you to nurture yourself for a happier, healthier body!

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