Happy, Healthy Body – Moderation is Best

Happy, Healthy Body – Moderation is Best

Weight loss experts say it’s beneficial to include moderation and balance in your strategy, which can be effective tools for long term, sustainable weight loss. I agree with this and have found the same to be true in my weight loss journey. Have you ever battled your weight loss goals from an all or nothing approach? I certainly have. It can set you up for disappointment or a deprivation mindset. Overly restrictive eating plans can backfire for sure. For example, all of us at one time or another are put into tempting situations socially. Our willpower caves because of feeling deprived for weeks. It’s important to enjoy your time with friends and family. If going into a situation already feeling deprived, you can sometimes do more damage than if your approach all along was one of moderation. When deprived, it is too easy to go overboard “treating” yourself, because you’ll never have a treat again. Sounds dramatic, but that is the game our minds can play on us. The five year old inside feels like they are on time out. LOL. When we feel satisfied, it gives us a mindset of satiation and abundance. This will help us to be better equipped to successfully navigate the social time or challenges that inevitably come up in our life. Side note: Is it really a “treat” if you feel sick afterward? Give yourself permission to enjoy the special moments in moderation. The goal is to resume your weight loss game plan guilt free. Secondly, not only is a moderate viewpoint helpful, but so is a balanced approach. For instance, if you love sweets like I do, it might be advantageous to make healthy, sweet treats at home (or buy them). Most times, you can feel happy and satisfied with a much smaller portion. And your digestion will thank you for it. Approaching your sweet tooth (or any other craving) with a balanced perspective can make all the difference.

Achieving and maintaining your weight loss goal is a journey with lots of twists and turns. Try implementing moderation (and balance) to avoid a deprivation mindset for long term results. If you are interested in our specialized weight loss program designed for your unique needs, we are your place. We hope you are able to attain your weight loss goals by implementing a moderate viewpoint, so you can enjoy a happy, healthy body in 2022!

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