Happy, Healthy Body – Digestion

As you fine tune your individual food plan, have you ever noticed how your body reacts to food? Some foods might digest easily while others cause discomfort among other unhappy outcomes. This may be a new concept as you already eat super clean and healthy. When you really start listening to your gut, you might realize you struggle with digestive and elimination issues. I know I do.

JJ Virgin in her book The Virgin Diet addresses Why Food Intolerance Is The Real Cause of Weight Gain. Her book confirmed all the symptoms I had been noticing in my body. She says negative reactions to certain foods can trigger inflammation and a host of unpleasant symptoms like stubborn weight gain, (or can make it more difficult to reach your goal weight). She explains that long term inflammation from the foods we eat can affect our immune system, knock our hormones out of whack, and spark insulin resistance which will interfere with our digestive system and fluid retention. Inflammation sabotages our weight and our health. She goes on to list 7 foods that are the major offenders. Gluten, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, peanuts and sugar/artificial sweeteners. She walks you through how to cleanse your body of the 7 highly reactive foods by swapping them for tasty, healthy options. Next, you’ll test to find out which of the 7 foods you can add back to your diet long-term. At the end, you’ll create a customized diet that’s perfect for your unique body chemistry and needs – one that you can stick to for good!’ I highly recommend her insightful book.

It’s true it can take time, effort, research and lots of practice when it comes to learning how to efficiently fuel your body. However, I firmly believe the long term health and weight loss results will be definitely worth it. It can be challenging at times to figure out what foods agree with your body. But on the other hand, it can be exciting to be your own food detective, taking your own welfare into your hands. This process or journey is one where you can really reap the benefits of a happy, healthy body when you pay attention to your digestion. I hope you are inspired!

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