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Happy, Healthy Body – Close the Kitchen

Happy, Healthy Body – Close the Kitchen

Closing the kitchen after dinner is a proven technique worth adding to your daily habits that can aid in weight loss. Eating before bed slows metabolism and encourages weight gain, says Dr. Mark Hyman in his book “Ultrametabolism: The Simple Plan for Automatic Weight Loss.”  There are other benefits to this habit such as aiding in our digestion and helping regulate our blood sugar. Lying down with a full stomach can disrupt the gravity-assisted process of digestion that moves food through your digestive tract, prompting symptoms such as heartburn, queasiness and gas.  Late-night snacking might disrupt your natural sleep cycle impairing the quality of your sleep and your ability to manage your blood sugar levels. Over time, you might become more susceptible to developing insulin resistance and diabetes. Sometimes implementing this habit is easier said than done. If you eat an earlier dinner, you can still eat a moderate dessert or snack but try to cut off eating by no later than around 7 o’clock. Of course, you can adjust this time to your schedule. The experts say that it is good to cut off eating for the night at least three hours before bedtime.

Another reason not eating before bed is a good idea is that when you go to bed on a full stomach, your body spends a lot of time digesting your food. I have read that our bodies expend about 60-70% of its energy digesting food. When you cut off eating earlier in the evening, you give your body a chance to use its energy for healing and detoxing our organs and cells. Lets just say it allows your body the time and energy needed to carry out its other internal housekeeping functions such as healing, repair and growth. As a side point, the matter of digestion is another reason doctors have advised eating three meals a day. If we are constantly feeding our body throughout the day, it is using its energy for digestion. This topic is one reason why intermittent fasting has become so popular. I will post more on that subject at a later date. (You can read my previous blog on the benefits of juice fasting).
To be perfectly honest, I struggle with this healthy habit. Because of my struggle, I wanted to share some techniques that have helped me to be successful recently. One thing I learned from a Youtube Channel I love is she closes down her kitchen and treats herself to different yummy herbal teas at night. The warm aromatic cup really does feel cozy and comforting to my soul. Another thing that may sound simple, but in the past when I brush my teeth earlier in the evening, this has helped. If I am being real, I have been known to still go to the kitchen to get a sweet treat after brushing. But I found an even more effective way is to add mouthwash to my early night dental hygiene routine!
I recently bought a Trader Joe’s mouthwash that I really like which includes tea tree oil. I don’t have the desire to eat after swigging this product. Years ago after learning about all the harmful ingredients added to our store bought face and body products, I have been known to experiment and make my own. I love knowing what I am putting on my body. They are so natural I could eat them, although I wouldn’t want too. LOL. I have made my own hair rinse, face and body scrub, toothpaste, face toner, face and body moisturizer, deodorant and yes, mouthwash. I add to purified water, drops of peppermint oil, tea tree oil and cayenne tincture. This mouthwash is not only healthy for my teeth and gums but very cost effective as well. As mentioned earlier, this DIY mouthwash tonic has definitely help cure my desire to eat after I use it.
I am not sure if any of these tips will help, but I thought they were worth a try. I hope you too will reap the health and weight loss benefits of closing the kitchen after dinner.
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