Happy, Healthy Body – Benefits of Lemon Water

Happy, Healthy Body – Benefits of Lemon Water

I have been thinking about my morning routine lately which includes drinking at least one quart, sometimes two, of lemon water. I really am amazed at how if you consistently do something, it will become a part of your everyday routine. Add up all the little things that you consistently do on a daily basis and they become a part of you! For instance, on a previous blog, I wrote about the many health benefits I have received from drinking a quart of green smoothie everyday. Exercise has also become a consistent part of my routine for over two years now, and so has meal prepping healthy foods for the week. All these things have contribute greatly to my success for a healthy and vibrant life. There’s a saying that bad habits don’t die overnight, but they do die. It is SO true. Just consistently take care of your body and over time when you look back, you realize you are a whole new person. Now that’s exciting! OK, back to the lemon water…

I will start by mentioning, our brain is 90% water and our body is over 70% water. The majority of our blood and every cell in our bodies are composed of water. Therefore, it makes common sense that we absolutely need water to function properly. I first started paying close attention to my daily water intake a few years back when I made a conscious decision to take control of my health. Trying to educate myself, I read everything I could on healing the body with herbs and whole food plant based nutrition. This led me to embark on many different detoxes, cleanses, and fasts which started almost ten years ago. With every new and exciting path, lots of lemon water (or plain water) was absolutely 100% vital to cleanse my body.


My daily routine starts by drinking one quart of lemon water immediately upon waking up. I feel this is important for everyone, as our bodies are hard at work during the night cleaning, healing and rejuvenating all of our cells and systems. The water will flush out all those toxins and replenish our liver and kidneys among other things. I then usually run out the door to walk to my neighborhood park. When I return from the park, I drink a second quart of lemon water when I get in the door. If I workout from home, for instance on my rebounder, I will drink one or two quarts during my exercise. So after my workout, I will already have two or three quarts of water in for the day. Maybe after a cup of decaf coffee, herbal or green tea, I will make my green smoothie. I try to lovingly and intuitively listen to what my body needs and wants. I drink my smoothie when I am ready for it. It seems with this approach, that I naturally practice intermittent fasting. Some mornings I want a bowl of soul nourishing steel cut oatmeal, or lots of water rich fruit and then my smoothie after that. Either way, this gives my body 3 to 4 quarts of much needed liquid, early in the day. If its summertime, then I will definitely drink another quart or so of water in the afternoon. I also aim to get most of my water in by early afternoon, so I don’t have to make trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

I will explain some of the benefits I have personally experienced, and mention some of the internal benefits to our bodies that research has shown. Honestly, I cant believe how much better my body functions when I have at least three to four quarts of water a day.

The hands down number one benefit I experience is with my intestinal tract or should I say, my elimination. Without going into too much detail, (I will write a future blog on this subject) I have always struggled to have healthy bowel movements. With the aid of lots of water (and some other tips I’ve learned that I will share with all of you in an upcoming blog), I now have a really happy, healthy bowel. LOL. On a serious note, I never knew how important a healthy bowel is. An unhealthy bowel can have a negative impact on so many areas in our bodies. My favorite herbal doctor, Richard Schulze, says, “retained fecal waste causes everything from bad skin, bad breath and backaches, to headaches and low energy, and contributes to the worsening of every known major disease.”

Another benefit of drinking (lemon) water is I noticed all of my skin absolutely glows. I used to have to apply moisturizer all the time, without great results. Now, its on a very rare occasion that I moisturize by using coconut oil on my body. My skin is so incredibly soft and healthy looking year round, and I get lots of compliments on my skin. I also know that adding lemon to our water is a great source of Vitamin C. Dr. Axe says Vitamin C “stimulates white blood cell production, vital for your immune system to function properly. As an antioxidant, vitamin C also protects cells from oxidative damage. Plus, getting enough vitamin C helps the immune system keep colds and flu at bay.” I have already mentioned the benefit to our liver and kidneys’ ability to flush toxins and better perform their jobs.

Its worth mentioning that water also significantly aids in our bladder and urinary tract health. It has been reported that water helps us lose weight, boosting our metabolism and shedding excess water weight. I appreciably notice a boost in my energy levels as well. I think another benefit worth mentioning is to my budget. I have a couple of stainless steel “To Go” containers that I always fill up with reverse osmosis water from home. I definitely save a lot of money since I do not usually purchase other drinks – as water is my beverage of choice. And the good news is: I notice the more I drink it, the more I crave it.

I hope you have found this article motivation to drink more water everyday, so you too can have a happy, healthy body! 

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