Happy, Healthy 2021 – Ultimate Self Care


Happy, Healthy 2021 – Ultimate Self Care


My life coach recommended that I start the year off by rereading a new chapter each month from a book called “The Art of Extreme Self Care”. I highly recommend this book if you struggle with prioritizing your self care and have no time for yourself.

After reading the introduction, I had to acknowledge my progress over the past years. I am proud of myself for the hard work and healthy changes I had already made. I am grateful to have broken old patterns of overstretching myself. I have been able to get rid of harmful relationships, set healthy boundaries, declutter my space and set aside time each day to make my health a priority. Listening to my inner voice and taking care of my needs helped diminish any resentment I was carrying. I used to always say yes to everyone else, when I really wanted to say no. Trust me, it wasn’t always easy, as I had to fight feeling selfish. It took patience with myself, commitment and practice. I noticed the more I implemented these changes by taking care of myself, the more I thrived. My cherished self care eventually became second nature and something I guarded. In the end, it actually helped me care for my loved ones in a healthier and more effective way.

I am excited for the opportunity to take my ultimate self care up a notch this year! You too? Let’s do this. Just as important as checking off a list of healthy daily habits: Workout. Check. Green Smoothie. Check. Probiotics. Check. Meal prep. Check. Me time. Check. I want to incorporate her suggestion of making pleasure a priority. Soul nourishing activity everyday that will bring real joy. For me, that would be getting out in nature more, and exploring new creative outlets. My intention is to tune into daily habits that will make my soul happy and nurtured. Not just from a physically healthy standpoint, but on an emotionally happy, healthy level.

I hope this blog will motivate you to exercise ultimate self care, and be gentle with yourself during these challenging times. I wish you a happier, healthier version of you in 2021!



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