Happy, Healthy You – Good Night

Happy, Healthy You – Good Night

Good Night

I remember writing a quick post last year about the importance of getting a good nights sleep. Recently, I am finding out how massively important it is for me that I wanted to write a blog about it. I wanted to share with you how I started down this path and what I have learned so far, although I am no expert on the subject. It all came down to two things, weight loss and hormones.


I will begin by admitting that I am struggling with losing the last of my unwanted extra weight. I have lost 180 pounds so far and have about 50 to go. This April I joined a gym with a good friend, adding four one hour cardio sessions and a couple of hours of strength training each week. Even though I ate around the same amount of food as before, my weight loss was not budging. I felt like I had hit a big roadblock that I couldn’t get past, and this led me to becoming my own detective as to what could possibly be wrong? In the past, when I added that type of exercise to my routine, the weight would have dropped off. Nothing. Nada. I could tell that my metabolism was not functioning properly. I also had to be honest with my age and where I was at in the hormonal process. Even though I can run around like I’m thirty and also feel thirty in my mind, I’m not thirty. Uh, reality check. So with the scale not budging and my realistic view of my hormones, I knew I would need to drastically change my approach. (BTW, I will write a future blog on everything I have learned about the importance of balancing our hormones).

I had just recently learned that when your hormones are out of balance, it is nearly impossible to lose weight. I wanted to combine my research about weight loss with hormones, and get the advice from an OB/GYN who took a natural approach to healing. I already knew that our amazing bodies have the power to heal anything as long as we give it what it needs. I also wanted to read books from women doctors that were very positive and empowering for me as I approached this new part of my life as a mature Diva.

I love reading and studying the books from Dr. Christiane Northrup and also Dr. Sara Gottfried. I highly recommend all their books. The Hormone Reset Diet by Dr. Sara gives her personal experience and quest to heal her hormones and drop 25 pounds. I have read and reread this book many times. She says we can heal our metabolism by resetting 7 hormones in 21 days, and lose up to 15 pounds. In fact, I am on day 10 of this reset as I am writing this. (It has not been easy by any means and it is too soon to give my personal experience, but I believe in my gut it will be well worth the effort.)

She advises getting a new journal to log and document everything from your food intake, food reactions, emotions and sleep cycle. She explains how incredibly important our natural circadian rhythm is to resetting your hormones and losing weight. When I reflect back on my natural sleep patterns, I have always gravitated to an earlier bedtime, even as an adolescent. Dr. Sara also advises in her blog how important it is not to resort to sleeping pills, make sure to put away the technology, and fall asleep by 10 pm.

This is honestly the first time I have become aware of my sleep patterns by keeping my sleep journal and making a conscious goal to change my sleep habits. Some things I have already noticed is how much better I feel in the morning if I make myself get to bed earlier, making sure to fall asleep by 10 pm. (Yes, its taken some self discipline for me to get off social media or Youtube). A couple of nights ago when I got to bed an hour later, I could feel a big difference the next day. My workout didn’t have as much umph and my energy wasn’t what I had experienced the day before. Not to mention, my mood and emotions seemed to suffer that day as well. These are all real struggles she mentions with the addition of accelerated aging and high cortisol (the stress hormone).

With my newfound knowledge, I am definitely becoming a firm believer in the value of continuing my loving sleep routine. I am not yet sure how it will contribute to my weight loss, but I have seen the evidence it contributes to a more happier, healthier me! Who knew? I hope this motivates you to restore and replenish yourself with a good sleeping routine as well. 

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