Happy Healthy You – Get Support

Happy Healthy You – Get Support

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Life can be full of ups and downs but one thing that can help us get thru it successfully is a good support system. I know as I have gotten older, I seem to have a really solid group of friends I can count on. It is not necessarily a large group, but a tight inner circle of those I can trust. It hasn’t always been easy for me, especially in my younger years, to reach out for support. I was always the kind of person that was a loyal and true friend to lots of people. I always feel rewarded when I am able to help a friend out of a pinch or lend a listening ear.

It wasn’t until working with my life coach that I realized the beauty of being truly vulnerable with my loved ones. She also helped me to see that by always helping others and not receiving support, I was in a way, keeping them at arms length from seeing the real me. And that is the true meaning of intimacy, trusting and showing others your true self. All of me. The good, bad and ugly. (As in the ugly cry) 😊

I know for me, I seem to have different friends that I reach out to for different things. I have one friend that is a passionate personal trainer. I love to go to her to energetically brainstorm a workout program or talk about our passion for nutritious food choices. Or I have other friends that I go to for adventure. You know the ones right? They are the fearless travelers or big kids at heart, where every moment together is packed with fun. Or how about the Diva friend that is really good at self care. She pampers herself as an art form and guilt free way. Or how about your foodie friend where every dining experience is filled with deliciousness, decadence and precious memories. And then there is the friend you turn to when your heart is in pain and you need a shoulder to cry on. (Yup, the ugly cry). The friend who cries, hugs and offers to take a shot of tequila with you.

I think all of us need a good support system as we try to navigate this sometimes scary world. And I hope you are able to find the blessing of trusting others with your true self; and experience the beauty of getting support for your heart and soul. 

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