Happy Healthy Mind – Acknowledgements

Happy Healthy Mind – Acknowledgements

You may be familiar with the practice of writing down all the things you are grateful for each day. Personally, daily gratitude for what I am blessed with, has helped me get thru some of my life’s toughest challenges. Gratitude has helped me shift my focus to the positive things in a major life changing way. (I devoted an entire blog post to the importance and impact gratitude has had in my life). In fact, coming up with things I am grateful for is something that comes natural for me as I tend to be a “glass half full” kinda gal. However, writing down things I acknowledge myself for daily, is a different story.

Gratitude comes easy because I am recognizing someone or some thing in my life, whereas, acknowledgements are what I am proud of myself for. I think the main reason acknowledgements are so challenging for me is I tend to be hard on myself. I have to make a conscious effort to be kind and gentle with myself rather than beating myself up.

I first learned of the practice of daily acknowledgements from Life Coach Rhonda Britten. She teaches that acknowledgements are different and more effective than affirmations. Acknowledging yourself daily for what you are proud of is one of the homework exercises in her book, Fearless Living. I must say, I have gotten better at it over the years, but it has taken effort. It can feel awkward or weird at first, but stick with it.

I find the more I acknowledge myself for all the little things I do everyday, the better my self esteem is. And it has had a huge impact on my internal dialogue, as it has helped me to become more loving and accepting of myself.

I like to acknowledge myself in all areas of my life, especially the areas I am trying to improve on. Some of my favorite acknowledgements have to do with my relationships, health, fitness, nutrition, emotional health, boundaries, self care, etc. By acknowledging myself in all my accomplishments, big or small, I am giving myself love and acceptance. It not only validates who I am as a person but is a way I can celebrate my unique inner beauty and qualities.

I strongly feel taking the time each day to reflect on your personal acknowledgements is definitely worth the effort. It’s all the little things we consistently do for ourselves on a daily basis that will produce happier and healthier lives. I sincerely hope that you too, reap the benefits of self love by acknowledging yourself for all your unique values and strengths! 

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