Happy, Healthy You – Clean House (Mental Clutter)

Happy, Healthy You – Clean House (Mental Clutter)

All of us at AZ Med are passionate and committed to helping you lose weight and your journey as a whole. We know that weight loss success isn’t just about our physical health, but emotional and mental health too. We recognize that all aspects of our health go hand in hand and are very intricately connected to each other.

During times of challenges, it is important to make time for moments of contemplation. Use your time proactively to reflect and improve. Look back on the ups and downs of your life and give yourself permission to acknowledge how far you have come and your personal growth. If we work through our pain we can achieve the end result of forgiveness of others, and most importantly, ourselves. It also affords us the chance to make strides to improve ourselves, living in the present moment and striving for a better future. Our minds can easily become jam packed with the emotional loads we carry with us through decades of living. This mental clutter can impede our emotional growth. Slowing down and feeling our emotions can be difficult, but is a worthwhile gift we give ourselves. It will help us recognize if we numb out with emotional eating. Reflection takes courage. Tuning in and listening to your inner self, while working through your story can be compared to cleaning house. The chapters of our lives and experiences can be likened to a multi level home with many rooms. Sometimes we can become so busy with our obligations, we don’t take the time to declutter and clean out the old garbage from our various rooms and floors. Or we can work on bagging up the garbage halfway, but fail to dump it into the garbage can. When we make the effort to process old emotions, we can finally release them and let them go. This can free us to no longer hold onto the pain of our past. We will feel lighter, happier and more focused on living our lives with intention. We will be living a life of freedom from fear. It will set us free to approach the new chapters of life with a newfound excitement for our future.

We would love the opportunity to help you transform into a happier, healthier you.

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